Jennifer Aniston Reacts To Brad Pitt’s Proposal By Postponing Her Own Engagement

Jennifer Aniston Reacts To Brad Pitt’s Proposal By Postponing Her Own Engagement

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt split up some six years ago but it seems Aniston is still influenced by her exes’ life choices.  Word leaked of Pitt and his longtime love, Angelina Jolie’s engagement recently.  What was Aniston’s knee-jerk reaction?  Within hours she was rumored to have postponed her own plan to marry boyfriend, Justin Theroux, 40.

Now Mag cites an insider who says: ‘Jen was hoping to get engaged soon but now feels that it would make her look like a copycat. She’s happy for Brad Pitt but it means she’s put her plans on hold.’

Could this just be Jennifer’s way of making excuses for Justin not wanting to marry her?  In fact all the talk about Jen getting married is totally premature – when did Justin propose?  Did I miss something?  In fact the last we heard Jennifer was struggling to keep Justin around by splashing out millions on a Cali mansion and showering him with expensive gifts and outlandish compliments.

Apparently, Pitt would also like to have his former wife at his upcoming wedding!  That’s an idea that will most definitely be nixed by Jolie, mother of Pitt’s six children.  Angelina already threatened to call off the wedding when Brad suggested having a double ceremony with his parents who are celebrating their 50th anniversary.

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Which of these couples, if either, do you see actually making it down the aisle?  Pitt and Jolie first hooked up in 2005 but one has to wonder.  If they haven’t tied the knot yet, why do it now?  Meanwhile Aniston and Theroux are only together about a year but nobody seems to be able to stand Jen for too long.  Tell us what you think in the comments below.

  • Carmin

    Why would Theroux what to marry her, she just can’t get over Brad. If I were him I would dump Jen. Apparently Brad got some magic in his pants that Gwyneth Paltrow or Jen can’t get over and Justin Theroux is not man enough to match.