Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga Transform Into Aliens?

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga Transform Into Aliens?

The director of “Men in Black 3”, Barry Sonnenfeld confirmed that Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and also Tim Burton are among some of the people who we will see within the film as aliens.   But this isn’t new for Men in Black franchise; the other two films before this one also had celebrity appearances.  The only one I can remember right now was Michael Jackson, who was begging to become a member of MIB.

Fans of both Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are probably surprised while I’m not even the slightest, only Tim Burton was a surprise for me.  I’m quite sure we all know how Lady Gaga dresses at times, she can be incredibly f*cking weird, so in my book she was already an alien to begin with so this role suits her really well.

Then there’s Justin, now once again the term ‘alien’ is an incredible fit, just take a look at him. Is he a man? Or possibly just a very masculine woman, he can be some kind of gender changing alien of some sort, it’d make sense to me!

Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones return as Agents J and K in the third installment of Men in Black 3, don’t miss it on May 25th, 2012, it’s the official release date.

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