Justin Bieber Attacked By Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong At iHeart Radio Festival! (Video)

Justin Bieber Attacked By Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong At iHeart Radio Festival! (Video)

Woah! We expected a lot from the awesome line up of the weekends iHeart Radio Festival, but a public trashing of Justin Bieber by Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong wasn’t on the schedule! We all know that these things are timed to the minute, and last minute circumstances mean that everyone needs to be flexible, but Billie Joe wasn’t having any of that! After he was told his performance was being cut short by fifteen minutes, he went ballistic and started hating on the Biebs!

The managers decided that Rihanna and Usher needed extra set time, and for some reason Billie Joe turned on Justin, screaming to the crowd, “I’m not Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers! You gotta be fucking joking. I got one minute, one minute left. Now I got nothing left. Let me show you what one minute fucking means!” That doesn’t make any sense! Where did the Justin comparison even come in? Does Justin just bend over and let people boss him around? Or is his association with Usher what damns him?

As if his crazy, hateful words weren’t enough, Billie Joe then got physical, beating his guitar onto the ground until it was in pieces! I bet the fragments will make a ton on eBay though! He also flipped off the camera and then ran off stage. Can we all agree that his anger was a bit overdone? I mean, you’re a huge (if not sad and old) singer—shit happens! Just write a punk song about it for your next album and move on!

This is obviously the twig that broke his back, and I’m guessing that this is just evidence of some serious problems he has with Justin Bieber! I’m sure there will be interview questions about this later. What do you think caused the snap? It can’t have just been over a time cut!  This Bille Joe is one entitled little bitch.  He makes Bieber look like a man – and that takes some doing.



6 responses to “Justin Bieber Attacked By Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong At iHeart Radio Festival! (Video)”

  1. Kitten says:

    I honestly think that there was more to it than that. If you watch the whole set, the band were all in a funny mood prior to the blowup.
    And that was EPIC.

  2. just see who you are calling a “bitch” first go sell 65 million albums or tell ur justin bieber to that then comment about billie joe’s actions did u even see the damn thing ? when u have a set of 45 mins nd u pour your heart out to perform nd some1 tells you to cut down half of your set tell me if you wont be agree go

  3. luke says:

    I’m a musician and I’ve played hundreds of shows over the years. Being told your set is cut by 15 minutes because another band decides they need more time is a slap in the face. He had every right to go ballistic. if it’s 5 minutes no biggie, but 15? If that happens you tell EVERY band to cut their sets by 2 or 3 minutes. I bet it was done because they actually play instruments. R+b crowd was probably confused

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  6. Ourus says:

    Hey you little baby, it´s easy to speak like that when you´re a nobody. he´s a huge musician, he´s got every right to get pissed and if he said he wasn´t justin beiber, it´s cause he was just making a comparison to what he is not… a pussy.
    i actually think he did a lot of things that could easily top saying “IM NOT [expletive] IJUSTIN BEIBER!” so do a research and know what you´re talking about, yes, billie was singing like he was high or drunk, SO WHAT? punk rock man!! PUNK ROCK!! … besides, where did you get all that sad and old thing? hes one of the hottest rockers alive and he´s got the perfect family and life… this dude says it all the time, he knows it… HE ROCKS