Justin Bieber’s Traffic Jam Fighting With Paparazzi (Video)

Justin Bieber’s Traffic Jam Fighting With Paparazzi (Video)

The last few weeks have been a real roller coaster for Justin Bieber. Maybe he’s seeing longtime love Selena Gomez, maybe he’s not. Maybe he has hooked up with another chick, maybe not. The paparazzi have been relentless in their pursuit of nearly every teen’s ideal dream guy and the fact that he just cleaned house and scooped up an arm full of awards at the American Music Awards is only adding to the frenzy surrounding Justin.

On November 19th Justin finally got fed up with having his every move stalked by the paps and so after driving erratically he decided to stop and confront one of the drivers that had been tailing him. The problem with this was that Justin stopped his car and got out in the middle of traffic ultimately causing a total traffic jam – honking horns and all.

The paparazzi suggested that Justin slow down and drive a bit more carefully while he responded with a personal insult or two. I totally get that Justin has gotten sick of having a constant audience but doesn’t that go hand in hand with the perks of fame that he loves?  The pap actually offered him some good advice, as Justin’s crazy driving has been mentioned on numerous occasions. It’s also said to have been a real bone of contention with Selena so perhaps the teen idol should actually take some of the advice to heart.

And seriously, who else would even consider tying up a busy LA street?  Either Justin is a totally reactive hot head that flies off the handle and throws tantrums or else he thinks he’s entitled to hold up other people’s lives because, after all, he is a star. I’m not sure which possibility I lean towards more. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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