Breaking News: Justin Bieber Caught Cheating With Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Palvin in Miami (Photo)

Breaking News: Justin Bieber Caught Cheating With Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Palvin in Miami (Photo)

Justin Bieber is a scoundrel—and not in the romantic, historical movie way. The first class jerk recently proved he had no heart when gave a little hamster away to a screaming fan, apparently oblivious to the well being of the hamster! Now he’s back with Barbara Palvin, the Victoria’s Secret model he was photographed with months ago in NYC. The first time they met up, it caused a huge Twitter meltdown, with pictures circulating the web. Fans quickly joined team Selena or team Justin, and Selena seemed to pull the plug on their relationship. They’ve spent the night together since, but their relationship status is currently off.

A source reported exclusively to Life & Style, print edition December 31, 2012, that Justin and Barbara met up in Miami after a Jingle Ball concert. This happened on December 8th, a Saturday, and Justin and Selena were on a break. But we all know that doesn’t mean it’s time to sleep around! A source reported, “Justin and Barbara were together in Miami. They aren’t being bashful about hanging out and getting closer.” Barbara shared pictures of herself wearing a Justin concert t-shirt and standing in front of his tour bus.

Apparently Justin didn’t get the memo from Selena. A source previously reported, “Selena laid down the law about what Justin must do to make her happy. She was very specific and told him if he messes up, it will be over.” But, you know what they say, the heart wants what it wants! Only I don’t think it’s his heart that Justin is following! While we’re glad to see Selena on her own, out of this misogynist’s clutches, it’s still pretty disgusting to see Justin, 19-year-old superstar with no boundaries, no emotions, no concept of right and wrong, acting like a spoiled punk rapper wannabe. I hope he and Barbara get married and move to a private island where we never have to see his disgusting rat face ever again. Are you team Selena or team Justin?

7 responses to “Breaking News: Justin Bieber Caught Cheating With Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Palvin in Miami (Photo)”

  1. Tinka says:

    I’m team “So What If Some Chick Got Her Photo Taken With Justin”. Why can’t you even TALK to a member of the opposite sex without everyone instantly screaming that you’re sleeping together?

  2. disqus_yoorTZhoAl says:

    He is 19 years old – Selena is just a young pup too. There is nothing wrong for both of them to live a little. How would you appreciate your life under a constant microscope?

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