Katie Holmes Playing Legal Hardball To Bust Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes Playing Legal Hardball To Bust Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes and her lawyers were smart to decide to file her divorce from Tom Cruise in the State of New York rather than California. In New York she’ll have an advantage since they don’t like giving battling parents joint power to make decisions for their own child.

TMZ has confirmed that Katie filed the papers for the divorce in New York, but that’s not all, now she’s working on getting sole legal custody of her daughter Suri who’s 6 years-old. One reason why Katie wants to get sole custody is because she does not want her soon to be ex, Tom Cruise bringing her daughter anywhere near the Church of Scientology and I must say that’s a pretty good reason.

Though Tom and Katie got married in California, she went out of her way to go to the East Coast to file the divorce. The main reason is because filing for a divorce In New York will give her a better chance of making her dream of sole legal custody a reality. In New York, when it comes to divorces, judges are not a fan of giving two parents who don’t get along the opportunity to both make decisions about their child, they believe that splitting custody will only hurt and make the child suffer.

This isn’t the end of the fight and certainly not the end of the “Cruise” war. Tom could be fighting to take the case to California where they consider that joint legal custodies are better.

Who do you think should win over custody of Suri, Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise?  Should they share custody?  It is strange that this late in the game Katie is turning on Scientology like a snake – whatever you think about the weird cultish religion, Katie joined up voluntarily and married Tom knowing full well he was a fanatic!  There is more to this split than we know… YET! Stick with CDL while we discover all the details behind this shocking split!

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