Katie Holmes’ Secret Divorce Diary Revealed – A Tom Cruise Tell-All Next?

Katie Holmes Has A Secret Divorce Diary, Is A Tom Cruise Tell-All Far Off
The current issue of OK! Magazine features the cover story ‘Revealed – Kate’s Secret Divorce Diary.’ The magazine claims to have all the details on a secret diary that Katie Holmes has been keeping since she made the announcement she is divorcing Tom Cruise. I guess the diary is no longer so … secret!

Now apparently Katie has been recording her secret thoughts about not only Tom, but Suri and Scientology.  She has also been recording her journey to take Suri from a spoiled, indulged child to a normal one.  Good luck with that Katie.  Tom’s worse nightmare is about to come true, I can hear him cringing now!  Can you imagine how much money publishers will offer her to do a Tom Cruise tell-all.  She could name her price!

OK! Magazine has the scoop: “Katie is constantly scribbling notes in her diary. It’s something she says is really helping her to cope,” an insider reveals to OK!. “She actually got the idea from one of Oprah Winfrey’s shows discussing the value of keeping a journal. Writing down emotions with a pen and paper is proven to help the brain process stressful situations, and right now Katie is really struggling with anger, sadness and guilt. She’s writing about everything from her fun times with Suri to the difficulties with Tom.”

Now Katie is claiming that the diary is for her eyes only, but, everything has a price right?  The offers are pouring in for Katie now and I betcha she is considering every offer she is getting, including a tell-all.  What do you think is Katie ready to reveal the ‘real Tom’ to the world?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

Also revealed in this week’s issue we get to find out how Kim Kardashian lost 7 lbs.  The question is, do we care?  Now apparently Kanye her current man is begging Kimmie to keep her fat oops I mean curves, he loves them.  We all know Kimmie will do anything for her man, well almost anything…

To find out all these details and more, pick up the current issue of OK! Magazine on sale tomorrow

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