Kim Kardashian Hits Rock Bottom And Is Headed For A Breakdown (Photo)

Kim Kardashian Hits Rock Bottom And Is Headed For A Breakdown (Photo)

The current issue of Life & Style magazine features the cover story, ‘Kim Hits Rock Bottom – I Am So Alone.’  OMG I just cannot feel any sympathy for this women blaa.  If you watched her reality show Kourtney & Kim Take New York you would understand what I mean, she is totally repulsive.  Anyway, the magazine claims that poor Kim is all alone and has hit rock bottom after filing for divorce from her husband Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage.

The magazine claims she has become undateable and is losing millions of dollars because of the negative press she has been getting.   Rumor has it she was turning to her former flame Reggie Bush for some TLC.  When Reggie dropped the news to his mom Denise Griffin she was not pleased. Denise urged Reggie not to take Kim back! She was sure that Kim has ulterior motives and does not want to see the two of them hook up again.

Now if that is not enough for poor Kim, apparently she is gaining weight – a whopping 15 lbs and is starting to look like Miss Piggy.  Worse still her friends have deserted her and she is headed for a breakdown.

The truth is probably closer to the fact that although her and her team edited her reality show to make Kris look bad it failed miserably.  Kim came across as a self entitled bitch and I think people are just totally fed up with her.  What do you think, are you over Kim Kardashian?  Sound out in the comments below!

5 responses to “Kim Kardashian Hits Rock Bottom And Is Headed For A Breakdown (Photo)”

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  2. Inspire says:

    Kim is so self centered. Doubt she will ever be able to have a husband as how can someone so stuck up sharetheir space. 

  3. KatCall says:

    Of all the unmitigated gall.  Now she’s going after the sympathy spin?  When does it stop already?!!!!  She should feel alone.  Her stupid, narcisstic plan backfired.  There you have it.  Go home, get a real job and do something with your life other than shopping, whining, buying more mirrors and trampling over people in order to get in front of a camera.  Or better yet, just GO AWAY … FAR, FAR, FAR AWAY! 

  4. Reg says:

     She has huge $ & family to support her when life gets rough – this girl doesn’t  know what a tough life is yet. But she does understand the disappointment of an an entitled and emotionally retarded brat. That gets old after 30. Time to grow up, Kim, and learn what’s actually important in life: humble self worth not to be confused by narcisism. On the positive: Kim does have a work ethic: apply that to develop yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually without cookie cutter religion. Tall order – but 2 outta three would make you even hotter even as you age. Good luck, Kim! At least you’re still hot, rich and have family – none of which I am or have.

  5. Tcm says:

    yeah, kim.  that was pathetic the way you treated kris.  i felt bad for the guy.  marriage is for better, for worse.  you should have sought counseling.  all the money in the world won’t make you happy girlfriend.  and beauty fades.  good luck with that.