Kourtney and Kim Take New York Recap: Season 2 Episode 10 Finale ‘Goodbye, New York’ 1/29/12

Kourtney and Kim Take New York Recap: Season 2 Finale Part 2 ‘The Fairy Tale is Over’ 1/29/12

Tonight is the season finale of the second season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.  The last couple of weeks they have been leading to the big divorce and tonight the fairytale comes to an end. The show is billed as the most emotional one of the season,  the couple’s difficult journey in New York comes to an end and they must face what lies ahead for their relationship.

On last week’s show we saw Kim Kardashian have a meltdown and confess that she was not ‘feeling’ her marriage to Kris Humphries.  If you missed the episode you can read our official recap here!

In tonight’s final episode we see the  end of the 72 day marriage of Kim and Kris.  Throughout the season we seen the marriage crumble before our eyes, with Kim showing how unhappy she really was.  Or at least that is the way they scripted the show.  In tonight’s episode she says, “It’s not what I thought it would be, he fell in love with me and I fell in love with him – and now my feelings have changed.”   Big of Kim she gave it the old college try a whole 72 days LOL…

Kim also goes on tonight on how she feels bad for some of her wedding guests.  “I invited all these people to this huge wedding and flew everyone out, wasted everyone’s time and everyone’s money — everyone’s everything — and I feel bad!”  I am just now buying any of this.  The show has been scripted to make Kim look good and if this is the best they could do well……

We will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details at 10PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us.  In the meantime you can see a sneak peek of tonight’s episode here!

RECAP: Kim tells Kourtney that she started to cry because she honestly feels that she can no longer do this with Kris, she got up with the fairy tale. Kourtney asks her if she should try it in a normal setting and Kim tells her no, she is done and doesn’t want to be with him any more – she doesn’t know what to do.

Scott goes to visit his business partners, he is trying to open a restaurant and should be done in about four or five weeks. Back at home, Scott tells Kourtney that everything is almost done and the restaurant should be opening soon. Kourtney doesn’t have any confidence in him, which makes him really upset. Scott doesn’t know why Kourtney is always so skeptical, it’s annoying.

Kris is talking to Scott, asks him if he is all packed yet because they just have a few more days left before they leave New York. Scott is really mixed about the leaving thing, he would prefer to hang around New York a little longer and see the restaurant open. Scott asks Kris how things are going with Kim, Kris reveals that he feels disconnected and needs to talk to her.

Kim and Kris meet up later that night, he is in the bed playing video games and she wants to talk. Kim asks him what is going on with them and he says they just need to get back to who they were. Kim tells him that she wasn’t prepared for a lot of things – they went from so much wedding stress to this and she is so sad that they don’t hang out. Kris tells her that she is a priority to him, he was spending too much time working out. Kim goes on to tell him that they should make an effort (ok, is it just me, or did she not tell her sister that it was over with Kris?).

The next day Kim tells Kourtney that Kris wants to try and she feels so guilty. Kourtney thinks they should try to work it out. Her sister tells her not to wear the top she has on again, her boobs look massive, she looks like a cartoon.

Scott is packing, clearly not happy that he is leaving. He vents to Kim and tells her that he is only looking for a little support from Kourtney.

Kim now has a change of heart, or she’s trying a last ditch effort and making herself look good – she is now spending time with Kris, she goes to the gym with him. Kim doesn’t last long, she hates working out with people, she packs up and leaves.

Meanwhile, Kourtney calls Scott to check on how his business meeting went and he tells her it went very well. Meanwhile, Kim and Kourtney do some last minute shopping. Kim asks Kourtney how things are going with Scott, she gives Kourtney advice to supporting him  with his restaurant (are you kidding me?, what about her supporting Kris?).

Kris and Kim hook up for dinner, the conversation is strained. Kris tells her that he is really tired, it’s really awkward, the two haven’t got much to talk about and are thankful that the food arrives. Kris tells Kim that he wants to move all his stuff to her house in LA and she’s not comfortable or happy about it in the least.

Kourtney surprises Scott by visiting him at the restaurant, she brought him a present. They toast over a bottle of champagne and he shows her around. Kourtney feels bad that she has not supported him from the beginning and makes him feel good her support.

Kris talks to Kourtney, Kim is still in bed. Kourtney asks how he enjoyed living with her and Scott, Kris tells her that it’s been difficult. Kris is looking forward to getting a house of his own with Kim and tells Kourtney he has a big piece of land in Minnesota. Kris feels weird moving into Kim’s house, he doesn’t know why.

Kris is packing, Kim is almost having a panic attack when she sees all the boxes. She doesn’t want him shipping all his stuff to LA and Kourtney tells her that she is such a bitch (you go girl!).

Kim is shocked! Kourtney goes on to say to Kim that if she were Kris, she would hate Kim. Kris tells Kim that Kourtney is right, she’s not ready for someone in her life and walks away. Kourtney and Kim are alone, Kourtney tells her that she is bring rude because Kris is really trying hard to make it work.

Kim calls Khloe and tells her that she had a heart to heart with Kris, they are both trying hard but she is going crazy. They don’t have anything to talk about and she doesn’t want his stuff sent to her house. Khloe is surprised that Kourtney called Kim a bitch, then Kim lets out the waterworks – she has a total meltdown, she tells Khloe that she fell in love and she’s embarrassed that her feeling changed. Khloe tells her that she got caught up in her fairytale, it’s not her fault that Kris treated her bad. Kim keeps up with the waterworks, her mascara is running and she looks a wreck. Kourtney walks in and Kim is still crying and asks Kourtney why she is not supporting her? Kris is knocking on the door…..

Kim asks Kourtney what she is going to say and Kourtney tells her to just not answer the door. Kim tells Kourtney it wasn’t her place and Kourtney fells like Kris is trying so hard that it is an awkward situation. Scott comes into the room and Kim tells him her side of the story, Scott says to her “you do realize that you are married, right?”. Kim says that on paper he is everything she wants, but her heart is not in it, she feels awful that she changed his whole life and now her feelings have changed. Scott tells Kim that she was in love with the idea of being married, she jumped into it. Kourtney apologizes to Kim. Scott tells Kim to deal with it and tell Kris the truth.

Kim finds Kris in the living room, she sits on his knee and tells him she was crying because she was feeling bad, she tells him she is sorry. She wants to go back home to LA, have a private conversation with Kris and work this out between them.

Kris rented a storage place with his friend, he is willing to compromise with Kim and store some of his stuff. Kris confides in his friend that Kim has been acting so weird, he’s so over her and is thinking about getting a divorce.

Kourtney and Scott are alone in bed, they are very happy and in love, or so says Scott. Kourtney feels the two have grown a lot since being in New York and is very happy where they are. Living with another couple has made Kourtney more appreciative of her relationship with Scott.

Kim feels that she and Scott are disconnected because they don’t have the same friends, therefore they have nothing to talk about it. The past few months have been such a growth experience for her. She looks back on all the lovey dovey moments with Kris and realizes her life is now not the fairy tale she wanted it to be.

Kourtney wants to keep up with family tradition and asks everyone what was their pit and their peak of being in New York. Kim’s peak of her trip was that she loved seeing Mason every day, the pit was living with everyone. Kris says that he wanted Kim’s peak to be living with her husband and she just changed his.

Everyone is set to leave, Kim never wants to return, she is anxious to go home and figure out their lives. Kris and Kim are in the cab heading to the airport and they couldn’t be further apart if they were in separate cabs.