Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Kissing Poolside Photos Fake – Proof Here

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Kissing Poolside Photos Fake - Proof Here

We’re at it again. We’re once again disproving the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reconciliation rumours. Yes, we know you’re tired of hearing about them, and yes, we know you’re over it, but just hear us out, okay? If your memory is up to standard, you’ll remember that Stewart and Pattinson were spotted kissing at a pool this past week. Fans of the couple were up in arms, because their Bella and Edward were back together, happy, and content. Unfortunately, these images were faked. Don’t believe us? Read below to see why.

According to Hope at Celebs Gather, “[T]he real reason may be that anyone who ferrets out and examines photos of the real pool at KStew’s new house will immediately realize that ‘poolside kissing pics’ were not snapped there. KStew’s real pool is ‘starkly modern’ lacking the surrounding ‘foliage’ seen in the Robsten PDA pics. Also, the height of the patio and the dimensions of her pool don’t match those in the kissing photos.” Thank you, Hope. Popsugar, one of the original sources, removed the pictures “because of editorial standards”. What? Why? We’ve been fanning the Pattinson/Stewart conspiracy theory flames here at Celeb Dirty Laundry for the past several month,s and we’re not letting up.

Hope, Celeb Dirty Laundry, TMZ, et al. were not incorrect in their hypothesis that the Stewart/Pattinson reconciliation was a lie made in Kardashian heaven. Furious Twihards took to social media to voice their concerns. One disgruntled fan wrote, “For two people who hate to be in the public eye, this was a total photo op set up by them.” Another quipped, “For two people who dated for three years and never even held hands, and now suddenly a person gets perfect pics of them standing in the same spot over and over again. Come on. They are both full of it.

Is this it? Are the Lance Armstrongs of Hollywood finally being uncovered? Are our assumptions correct? An insider fan of the couple shared some startling facts, “I’m an inside source so I know what I’m talking about when I tell you this is all an act. They were PAID. The people in the background were there giving directions and keeping the peace. Strange how they were able to keep their relationship a secret all this time but now the papz has all this access to her home. Her supposedly very private locale house. He only tap kissed her and only touched outside the house.”

We’ve been telling you along about this conspiracy, but no-one believes us. We know this is a PR stunt crafted by Summit Entertainment’s best marketing people. In fact, this is not unheard of in Hollywood. It has been done so many times before in the past, especially when the studio system was still prevalent in Hollywood. We hate doing this, but hey, we told you so.

Photo Credit: FAMEFLYNET

  • victoria wilson

    ive been saying this is all crap for ages. its so pathetic and the masses fall for it every time. shame on you rob. i never cared whether she had any level of decency or not but im disgusted that he’s sold himself out. the line ‘you’ve sold your soul to satan’ springs to mind and it will definitely come back to bite him. he looks like a fool now.

    • Jenna

      He IS a fool.

  • PRsten

    I love you! PR to sell BD. They never were a couple and there are many proofs. Fake relationship. They are famewhores.

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  • macey

    So it’s PR but they don’t openly engage in PDA in public, don’t talk about their relationship, don’t make statements as to their status… The logic escapes me. Nobody believes you because it’s ridiculous and fictional. Get real, people.

  • Ping

    You’re right. No one with any brains or lack of bias believes you. If it were revealed that they were stringing the fans for ticket sales, it would be professional and business suicide for Pattinson, Stewart, AND Summit Pictures.

  • ellenj55

    Ok, get over it. Rob is a strong and forgiving person. Heck even God forgives. The pics are not fake. Go read Popsugars retraction. Invasion of privacy is the reason. Calif has a Stalking Privacy Act. Which was invoked. Robstens people invoked this law. You can’t take pics into someone’s house or property and then publish them. Some rag started a rumor and all the rags just followed suit. Never mind actually doing real research. Now for you haters weather it’s her or him. They don’t give a rats a– what you think. They don’t owe you any explanation. All that’s owed to you is a good performance for the price of your ticket. That’s it. Why even come to these sites if it upsets you. You don’t like them so what you write no matter how good or sweet someone is, you’ll still hate. I just hate the lies that the webloids make up and I’m assuming you are Tweens, because of the immature writing, believes what’s written. It’s about 99% made up. Don’t get so invested if you have to spew hate and name calling. Nothing wrong with being kind,

  • the shrubs in the pics are actually at the edge of the property, and when the pap took the pick those shrubs appear to be up by the pool, when in fact they are on the edge of the property…the pictures were taken through them causing the shrubs to frame the shot appearing to be next to stairs when they are not!! look at the pics from the Realtor you’ll see the shrubs on the other side of the pool..the exact ones that show in the pap shots!

  • interesting when I have proof you are the ones lying, my post gets deleted my the admin!

  • bet that last comment won’t get through either!!

  • what’s wrong? don’t like opposing opinions? or do you just hate being wrong? cause I can do this all day long and make you look stupid!

  • waiting waiting waiting!!!! are you going to post the proof that the pics are in fact real and you all are just a bunch of pot stirrers? waiting waiting waiting!!

  • Guest

    interesting you pick up the factors that make the photo fake, yet you ignore the factors that are clear in the ‘cheating photos’. BIASED MUCh

  • In other news, haters are always going to hate…so nothing they do/say will convince you otherwise… and I am pretty sure that RK don’t care about how you obsess about their relationship… SUP HATERS!

  • notpr

    This is the most moronic article I have read in my life. The conspiracy theories are more ridiculous than ever. You don’t even see the pool in the pics so I don’t understand what these people are talking about. I also think the crazy people who wrote this are looking at the top terrace from the second floor and forgetting about the 1st floor terrace. You can see this all just fine in the helicopter photos that were taken on Monday once the house was reported. And when the paparazzi saw that location they were able to find a spot somewhere in the area just outside the gated community. You wouldn’t be able to get the shots they got on the property, not at that angle. plus they would be clearer

    What a brunch of brainless people we have here.

  • Alex OBrien

    So because a tabloid says it, it’s automatically true? That in itself is pathetic but then add in how people have become so obsessed with these two that they’re comparing landscaping at Kristen’s new house in order to dispute reports that these two are genuinely together…For the idiots who said they’ve never been seen “together in public”, did you forget Cannes? Lastly, two people not seen all over each other in public is what normal people call a desire for privacy. Why do people not get this and choose to create so much more to this than there is?

  • DC

    Get a grip! If they want to give the impression they’re a couple, all they need to do is hold hands and/or kiss in an easily papped public place. Why go to the bother of organising pictures of themselves in their underwear on their private patio doing nothing much in particular? Anybody with half a brain could predict some cynic was always gonna shout “Fake” and make loads of other weak-minded individuals feel manipulated. This is ridiculous nonsense with no conceivable motive, zero upside and a very damaging downside for all concerned. Their privacy was invaded and now they are being smeared!

  • nanci

    DON’T BE SILLY – THE PHOTOS ARE REAL AS IS R & K’S RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!! You people are MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • This article is taking the fun into insanity. Good to get more hits on an average day and that is it.

  • Shaunamay

    Rob is a sweet forgiving generous guy ! Kristen is a pretty girl but she is disrespectful !! NO OFFENESE !! I LOVE TWILIGHT.

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  • Jennifer

    Renier, you seriously need to stop spying on Celebs, you probly spend most of your life dreaming of you being them. You’re so jealous of people, you write a worthless blog about how fake it is, its quite pathetic to see a person like you to be doing this. Do the world a favor, go crawl back under the rock you came from, and leave people’s lives alone, and start living yours for once, n stop being so obsessed n jealous over others. You idiot