Kristen Stewart Is Cheating On Robert Pattinson Again! – Who Is Her New Lover?

Kristen Stewart Is Cheating On Robert Pattinson Again! – Who Is Her New Lover?

Please oh please tell me that Kristen Stewart isn’t going back to her cheating ways, once again risking everything she has with the love of her life (and mine), Robert Pattinson?? According to several sources, this may be the case.  While both Rob and Kristen have managed to successfully put her cheating indiscretions with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director behind them, it appears as though she might be back in hot water.

Now magazine is reporting that Rob is furious with Kristen for the attention she is giving to Hrithik Roshan, a 38-year-old Bollywood actor.  No offence, but I’ve never even heard of this guy – really Kristen??

The magazine quoted Kristen as saying:

“I’d love to work with Hrithik Roshan. He’s such a wonderful actor and so good-looking. In fact, if I have a boy, I would want him to look like Hrithik, but with Rob’s eyes.”

Hmm…although that doesn’t sound like anything KStew would say…a quote’s a quote I suppose.  So what’s going on Kristen?  Shouldn’t she be choosing her words just a little more carefully, considering everything that happened a mere 4 months ago?

Roshan, for his part, is described as India’s “most complete actor” according to  Is this as opposed to “incomplete”?

KStew’s future baby-daddy was born in Mumbai, India, and has a full list of film credits, which include Zindagi Na Mielgi Dobara, Jodhaa Akbar, and Kites.

I can’t say that I’ve heard of any of them, but somehow he’s managed to draw the attention of Kristen, in turn infuriating Rob.  I can’t say I blame my Robbie; he’s got to be pretty on guard considering everything that she put him through.  I keep saying, I’m right here if you need a shoulder to cry on Rob…just a wee airplane ride away!

Kristen Stewart Is Cheating On Robert Pattinson Again! – Who Is Her New Lover?

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  • Kristen is not cheating on Robert your just trying to start trouble here this is lies it’s not even true quit the lies.
    Leave these two couple alone lave them be. They are together and you don’t like it, you just jealous of Kristen thats all so back off leave her alone, dame you just back off quit speading lies and print the truth you are a compleat ediot moron so shut up.
    love these two couple I’m a fan of both love these two wish them the very best wish them happiness and peace to both good luck and best wishes love these two from a your fan!….

  • Gross.

  • Why in the hel…. don’t you just leave Kristen and Robert alone. My morther always said if you can not say something nice keep your mouth shoot. So if you can only talk trash you know what to do. Kisten and Robert ae very much in love let them alone and let them be in love. Go find somebody else to tell lies about. Kristen will never take a chance on loving him again. LOVE is for ever. Tel us about them but only the TRUTH we do not want lies.

  • Victoria Li

    What a slut. And girls actually look up to HER as a role model? Hilarious. She might as well just break up with that slimeball RPatz and sleep with this sleazeball instead. I hope she becomes like Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse, snorting up crack like she always does, and looking like she needs a trip to rehab (and a shower!!!). And then looking miserable and slowly killing herself. Of course she loves the attention to the media, and will do anything to get herself to be the center of attention. What a tramp.

    I wish Twilight never existed. Then we won’t have to see these stupid articles clogging up our internets. Then maybe this sad excuse of a celebrity could just disappear back into that dark, filthy, smelly dumpster where she came from.

    • who knows you are probably a slut too you just wish you was kristen stewart. so stop with the lies about her. she is a great person miss ictoria li~

  • Tinka

    I don’t give a rat’s a** about Kristen or Rob, but these cheating “news” are really getting annoying. “Kristen said some other dude’s name! She’s SO cheating on Rob again! What a slut!” Please, stop. Just… Stop.

  • Soshiloveable

    not every guy kristen hugs is a guy who she has an affair with,it may just be a friendly hug..liars

  • SC

    Ummm…fyi Hrithik Roshan is married. And I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t leave his gorgeous wife for rat-faced Kristen Stewart. Also, you’ve never seen these movies? Well its too bad you are severely lacking in culture. Oh and one last thing, before you make fun of words like “complete” in his profile, you might want to remember that Indians speak better English than Americans. Just saying.

  • Have you seen any Bollywood movies or heard of any movie other than maybe SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE? Your lack of knowledge about something doesn’t mean that such a thing doesn’t exist.