Kristen Stewart Goes Nude in New Movie Role

Kristen Stewart Goes Nude in New Movie Role

It seems On the Road is one of Kristen Stewart’s very favorite books and she was determined to make the part of Mary Lou hers in the new film adaptation.   Nudity is required and the thought of it didn’t chase Stewart away. In fact it’s just the opposite. This is like a dream role for her to have landed and she intends to portray the character to the very best of her abilities.

The film’s director, Walter Salles, explained how actor dedication was crucial in bringing such a low-budget film to the big screen.  As he told

“On the Road was one of her favorite books. There is a quality of freedom in Marylou, a desire for experimentation and Kristen knew well. The difficulties we encountered were mainly due to the complexity of the project and the need to make the film with a small budget [U.S. $ 25 million]. But the limits have worked in favor of the film.”

On the Road will be introduced to a very limited audience at the Cannes Film Festival later this spring.  What Kristen is doing playing a starring role in a film based on book that has no leading female characters remains a mystery.

What do you think of Kristen Stewarts’ acting in general?  She has come under fire so regularly that it’s hard to tell even if the Twilight fans love her, or they simply love the franchise as a whole.  Will you be going to see this film when it comes to theaters or will you pass?  Tell us in the comments section below!

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