Kristen Stewart Hates And Fears Jennifer Lawrence

Kristen Stewart Hates And Fears Jennifer Lawrence

Twilight misery princess, Kristen Stewart, is rumored to be extremely jealous over the success of The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence.  Not only is Jennifer’s franchise eclipsing Kristen’s, but Jennifer is getting rave reviews for her acting ability whereas Kristen never did.  Furthermore, Kristen fears that she will be passed over for the more talented Jennifer for Hollywood’s top productions.

According to the National Enquirer bad blood is most definitely brewing: ‘The Hunger Games is now the talk of Hollywood and it’s predicted to do even better at the box office than the megahit Twilight series,’ said a source. ‘Worse still, Jennifer is getting critical acclaim for her acting talents, which no one has ever given Kristen.’

Jennifer’s career is off to an amazing start, as the young actress already has garnered one Best Actress Oscar nod.  She was nominated for her role last year in ‘Winter’s Bone,’ a film about drug dealing in Appalachia.  Meanwhile Kristen has yet to have her work earn that level of respect from her peers.

Insiders claim that Kristen is afraid she and Jennifer will end up battling for the same roles in the future.   The Hunger Games had a stronger opening weekend than any of the Twilight films, making Jennifer the more bankable star by industry standards.

The source further explains: ‘Kristen is nervous about going head-to-head with Jennifer for roles,’ the source continued.  ‘Kristen doesn’t consider herself a natural beauty, and she knows Hollywood is so fickle that it’s always the pretty girl who wins the big parts.  Jennifer has the best of both – talent and looks – which has Kristen fretting for her future.’

Kristen’s next movie, Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters in June and she has every reason to be nervous.  It’s coming on the heels of The Hunger Games success and it’s unlikely to have the same level of box office triumph.

Do you think that Jennifer is the better actress?  Which star is more beautiful?  Let us know in the comments below.

11 responses to “Kristen Stewart Hates And Fears Jennifer Lawrence”

  1. Hungry Man says:

    Jennifer Lawrence…great character and personaily…superb acting

  2. Sunny says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is a better actress and movie star.

  3. No wayyyyy.. says:

    are you kidding! why kristen have to jealous over Jen. Jen just nominated only and not win the award. I still think kristen is more beautiful and talented than jen. she so versatile actress. kristen is very good in welcome to the riley and runaways. she always received great praises from many directors. i cant wait to see OTR ..SWTH and Breaking Dawn 2. i am sure kristen will win oscar award for future and she worth it.

  4. md says:

    Kristen speaks for films that do. Beautiful acting. JL does not have anything but stupid THG. Kristen always is best.

  5. RY says:

    I have always likes Kristen. I personally think she is incredibly attractive, but that is not to say Jennifer isn’t, I think she is gorgeous as well. As far as acting goes I feel Kristen has more experience, yet I’ve seen Jennifer in some outside roles, and I was very impressed. I think I would like to see them in a movie together, as opposed to them “fighting” over a role. I think they would look. work well together. 

  6. bluebird says:

    KRISTEN STEWART has the charm that will last even though TWILIGHT is over! Fans love her as KRISTEN STEWART not only because she played BELLA SWAN! Jennifer Lawrence is popular as Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games, that’s all! If she had that magic charm like KRISTEN STEWART, her name in that movie “Winter’s Bone” should have already registered her as bankable actress! JENNEFER LAWRENCE popularity is only shortlived and hooked to the movie Hunger Games. She’s not as beautiful as KRISTEN STEWART too! Her face is soggy and her eyes not as deep set as Kristen Stewart!

  7. Guest01 says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is OSCAR NOMINEE. I think
    the one who act better should get the role. Whoever act better should
    get it!!! Jennifer Lawrence all the way. For anyone who say Kristen have
    more experience, it is sorta true but Jennifer is still better!!
    Jennifer Lawrence is a rising new star. She is gaining experience right
    now! On the other hand, Kristen had more experience but still didn’t win
    any big awards like Oscars or Golden Globe. Jennifer Lawrence got a lot
    of awards for her performance in The Winter Bones. If Kristen has the charm  that will last even though Twilight is over, her name in the movie “Speak” should gotten her famous!!! JENNFIER LAWRENCE!!! Go online and search for both of them without makeup, JENNIFER LAWRENCE STILL LOOK ATTRACTIVE!!!!!!

  8. Kristen Stewart says:

    Kristen Stewart is the best actress in the whole world??

  9. jackie says:

    Jennifer Lawrence are the best actress in movie . She really beautiful!! :)

  10. sarah says:

    They are both beautiful girls, i think jennifer is seen to be more attractive because shes very warm and funny whereas kristen is a bit of a question mark, i cant tell who she is. Acting -well based on jennifers performance in the hunger games- i’d say her, although before twilght kristen did some pretty good stuff; it cant match up to jennifers acting i think this also because it was jennifers first time taking on a main role thus making it more impressive.