LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Marriage Crisis – Baby and Brandi Glanville To Blame

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Marriage Crisis – Baby and Brandi Glanville To Blame

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills bitch star Brandi Glanville (why does her last name sound like a village with tiny glands living in it?) is pointing her expensive finger at Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes and saying, “Karma’s going to get you, bitches!” Because according to a Radar Online report, LeAnn is causing drama in her relationship with Cibrian. A source revealed, “He can’t take all of the drama anymore. He told her he needs some time alone to get his head together.

LeAnn is allegedly trying to do the age old bait and switch – getting pregnant with Eddie’s child – to keep him around for good. LeAnn is “taking vitamins and charting her cycle, and she’s even putting on a few pounds, hoping it will help her conceive.” The country singer and part-time swamp woman is so set on having a baby that she’ll even try In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to get those pink feet available and ready for download in 2013. A source explains, “Her goal is to be pregnant in 2013, no matter what – even if she has to try IVF. She blames some of her emotional problems on not having a baby of her own.

Unfortunately, Cibrian won’t be much of a help during the payment for the baby, as Cibrian isn’t really financially stable enough to care for another child. He is already paying child support for his two children with Glanville – Mason and Jake – so a baby with LeAnn would only put more financial strain on him. The source concludes, “Eddie has to pay child support for [his sons with Brandi Glanville,] Mason and Jake. And let’s face it, his career is at a standstill. LeAnn is the breadwinner and he’s not about to destroy that gravy train. But he’s checked out emotionally.

Check this space for updates on the soon to be pink foot, if Cibrian doesn’t suffer from a nervous breakdown before then. If all else fails, LeAnn can buy a baby named Vladimir from Molotov, the Russian wrestler.

Editor’s note: Check out the pic up top that LeAnn posted on Twitter for Thanksgiving – don’t you just know that people who need to tell you how happy they are are invariable miserable? I mean the lunatic just finished her stint in misery rehab where she was forced to flee to deal with being insane and miserable. Eddie looks like he is trying to find a way to escape – his scared eyes desperately searching for a way to maintain his lifestyle but  to sneak out of LeAnn’s manic clutch.  The happy couple…

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