Liberty Ross Meets Rupert Sanders But She’s On The Rebound Already

Liberty Ross Meets Rupert Sanders But She's On The Rebound Already

Well look what we have here!!!  Very, very interesting!  Despite reports that Liberty Ross, wife of director Rupert Sanders (you know, the guy who infamously got caught red-handed cheating with Kristen Stewart), was spotted out and about without her wedding ring on – only further speculating us to believe that they are in fact separated. Well as of today the two finally came out of hiding – together – at a Beverly Hills deli.

Although they were together, there didn’t appear to be any love lost between the couple. While photographers outside the deli spotted them, according to TMZ they had met at an office building within the area.

Sanders and Ross share two children together, and while she has gone without wearing her ring, the Snow White and the Huntsman director has not.  Is there any chance that the couple will reconcile?  And what of Kristen Stewart’s relationship with Robert Pattinson?  No sign of either of them, and I highly doubt that she’s been in communication with Sanders.  Well, only if she’s a complete idiot.

Ross was also spotted out with another gentleman later that day and was all smiles – almost too smiley if you ask me.  Is she trying to get back at her hubby and make him jealous?  I’d understand if she was, it’s not like he didn’t completely embarrass her and their family.

More to come on the Sanders/Ross saga – if you want my opinion, I say try to work it out, as there are kids involved.  On the other hand, he is quite the douchebag.  I’m on the fence.  You know how I feel about KStew and RPattz… still silently praying for a reunion.  Fingers Crossed.

Photo Credit: KM/FameFlynet Pictures