Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show (Video)

Madonna's 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show (Video)

Madonna headlined the Super Bowl 2012 Half Time Show tonight.  Although many people wondered if she could carry the show by herself – she did it, she rocked it!  She raised the bar for all future half time shows.

Madonna sat down with Anderson Cooper before the show and said she had butterflies, she said: ““I’m so nervous, you have no idea.  First of all, it’s the Super Bowl.  I mean the Super Bowl is kind of like the holy of holies in America right?  I have to put on the greatest show on earth, in the middle of the greatest show on earth.  I have eight minutes to set it up and seven minutes to take it down and 12 minutes to put on the greatest show on earth.  That’s a lot of pressure.”

Well there was no need to worry, she was surrounded by Nicki Minaj, MIA, Cee-Lo Green and LMFAO, but the 53 year old stole the show!  Our girl Paris Hilton tweeted about the show: “That was one of the best half time shows I’ve ever seen! Madonna was incredible! So proud of my boys @SkysNuts …”

Did you watch the half-time show?  What did you think of Madonna’s performance?  Sound out in the comments below!  Check out the video below of her taking a small stumble.

BTW we are live blogging the show with Play-by-play results HERE!






  • Rosanna

    Life is too short to rant about Madonna, so I’ll just say she sucked and Betty White could have danced better.

    • Venicevajayvajay

      i hate to tell you this Honey but someday you’ll be 53 years old unless you die first.  So, if I were you, I wouldn’t be so ageist.  Or, if you insist on being ageist start saving up that overdose or those razor blades now so you can take yourself off the earth before you see that first wrinkle. Good luck.  heh, heh…

      • Rosanna

        Well, HONEY, you are a complete moron – let’s just get that out of the way first. She sucked, she is old, wrinkly, can’t dance and Betty White could have definitely been more entertaining. Madonn’s performance was like seeing that embarrassing older relative at Christmas that drinks too much and tries to party with your younger daughter and her teenage friends.

        You ASSume that I am under 53, point proven!

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