Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Get Fifty Shades of Grey

Mark Wahlberg Doesn't Get Fifty Shades of Grey

For many people like myself who have never read Fifty Shades of Grey, I’ll sum it up: it’s about a man named, Christian Grey, entrapping a women named, Anastasia Steele, and making her do whatever he likes, basically it’s a book all about BDSM.

Mark Wahlberg revealed to Access Hollywood, “I don’t think I would consider playing the part, I don’t think my wife would like that.” Even though he will not be acting in the film, Mark was very close to having involvement with the film and probably because he was already comfortable with doing sex scenes in Boogie Nights with Julianne Moore about a young man’s adventure in the pornography industry, but that was all before he was married.

Mark explained, “We were very close to getting the rights, we were talking with the writer before she had an agent, I just knew that it was going to be a phenomenon.” Which is true, I hear so many people talk about this book whether in person or on the internet.

Mark is smart to have wanted to get involved in the film because it has a huge fan base and if he were to star as some sort of crazed man who likes making girls do BDSM with him, then I’d see that too. Mark Wahlberg being a sadistic person doing bondage with a college graduate clearly sounds like a movie I’d like to see, simply because he’s an awesome actor and I think only he could make such a movie seem interesting and worth the watch.