Miley Cyrus Has A Girl Crush On Kristen Stewart – Twitter Details Here

Miley Cyrus Has A Girl Crush On Kristen Stewart – Twitter Details Here

What’s worse than getting your teeth removed without anesthetic? Miley Cyrus having a girl crush on Kristen Stewart. According to latest reports, this horrific mental image is drawing ever closer to our waking lives. Cyrus tweeted on Saturday, “K Stew keeps getting better! ughhh this look is soooo goooood! #girlcrush.” And a small tribe in Africa succumbed to hemorrhagic fever.

Stewart’s Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere in London last week sent chills through the spines of fashion designers, film critics, and entertainment media outlets. Her black-print see-through dress demanded attention of everyone in attendance, and her on/off hand brushes with Robert Pattinson sent a thousand girls into a jealous rage. The cheater was back in the spotlight for the final curtain in her succinct calling.

Enter Miley Cyrus, the deep voiced girl with a fast food career. Her Stewart girl crush tweet clicked on her spotlight and made headlines as far as Australia. However, in true overreacting fashion, the world latched on to an innocent tweet that was sent by Cyrus and made it something more than it was. There might be a girly fascination with Stewart – she comes off as more Katharine Hepburn than Audrey Hepburn – but Stewart is in actual fact an overhyped pawn in the game of cinema. Her performance in Twilight was a pointless attempt at being a throwback ingénue with hair flicking and teenage dementia, and her other acting performances were wrought with a self-aware and stereotypical Stanislavski method.

Now that Twilight is as done and dusted as a weekend midnight, the future is bleak and desolate for poor Stewart. She’s not a particularly inspiring actress, nor is she a Hollywood superhero with thousands of film deals on the table. No, Stewart’s career hit a post-Twilight doldrums, and even though she’s been hyped to overtake some of the biggest actresses in Hollywood, we doubt her tomfoolery and sideline kissing will bode well with producers.

Hey, at least we got that dimwit Taylor Lautner out of the deal. He’s good for another few years.

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  • I think people don’t even know what “girlcrush” means. It’s used by straight girls to mean they admire another girl / find her attractive. Way to blow whit out of proportion. If they were dating that would be a different story. (Holds thumbs.)