Murder Mom Casey Anthony Visits Dying Grandmother – Out Of Hiding?

Murder Mom Casey Anthony Visits Dying Grandmother - Out Of Hiding?

It sounds like the most hated women in America has a soft spot in that black little heart of hers after all.  Acquitted baby killer, Casey Anthony is said to be contemplating a return to the Florida home that she once shared with her parents Cindy Anthony and George Anthony, as well as her murdered daughter, Caylee Anthony.  Casey’s estranged mother has been caring for Casey’s dying grandmother, Shirley Plesea, in the family’s home. The 85 year old is gravely ill with terminal cancer and is said to have maintained a close relationship with Casey.

“Family members said Casey would want to say a final goodbye to her grandmother and would break cover to come out of hiding and pay her respects.  Casey has been in hiding after receiving numerous death threats after walking free from court. Family members said she has been in contact with her mother and was aware of her grandmother’s illness. Dan Plesea, Casey’s uncle, told Mail Online: ‘Cindy does know Casey’s whereabouts. They are in contact. I am not saying anymore.’

Casey may want to slink out of the shadows to see her grandmother but the thought of her returning to the neighborhood where she killed little Caylee sure isn’t sitting well with her neighbors. The thought of her being amongst them is bad enough but they also want nothing to do with the media circus that she will inevitably bring with her.  A baby killer basically returning to the scene of the crime for any reason would be an unwelcome slap to the face for this quiet community.

Will Casey put someone else first and make that trip back to Florida or will she wisely stay in hiding?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


4 responses to “Murder Mom Casey Anthony Visits Dying Grandmother – Out Of Hiding?”

  1. shedidit says:

    she just wants to see if grandma is going to leave her money…grandma does not like her at all, after she stole money from her..and why should she move back to home..she has it made rent paid for food..clothes.etc..then again they say they return to the scene of the crime and we all know(at least the people who took the time to read the over the thousands of pages of docs),that she killed caylee and dumped her body right down the street from her house ! the monster of orlando is roaming the streets of west palm beach ,watch out people(especially guys)

  2. zeldazonk says:

    Casey Anthony and her grandmother did NOT have a close relationship, Shirley is the one Casey stole from and she never trusted her. Don’t know if she will visit but saying she has a “close relationship” is just misinformation.

  3. Beaucoup says:

    There is no heart in the body of Casey Anthony!! She probably feels she may get some money.

  4. moniker says:

    The monster had no close rlationship with her Grandmother. You can read all the negative things she said about Casey during the trial.Of coure – IF – she comes out of hiding to visit her grandma, she’ll be disguised – perhaps as the devil with a sickle? – that wld really fit her black and murderous heart. How can people believe that she’s innocent ??? I never did and never will.