New Couple Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Spotted Frolicking In Pool At LA Home

New Couple Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Spotted Frolicking In Pool At LA Home 0823

The allegations that Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are shacking up in the actor’s LA pad won’t be disappearing into the shadows anytime soon as news emerges that neighbors spotted Anderson and Duchovny together partaking in some early morning swims in the pool.

A Russian website also reports these nosy neighbors witnessed Anderson move her things into Duchovny’s house.

CDL broke the story earlier this month that Anderson moved in with Duchovny after her split from long-time boyfriend, Mark Griffiths. A source reported the X-Files co-stars finally answered the wishes of their most ardent fans and entered into a serious relationship.

So is this finally the proof the world has been waiting for that will blow the lid off the case?  I wouldn’t bet on it.

Until we have some pictures of the two sucking face, they will continue to deny and people will continue to be skeptical. A Russian website isn’t exactly the most trustworthy of news sources. That’s not to say I’ve changed my tune. I still believe the two are shacking up. Duchovny’s rep denied the rumors saying the pair “remain close friends.” Of course the rep is going to say that! The last thing David and Gillian want is the media crashing in on their little love nest. Who can blame them?

But I have a sinking suspicion we’ll be hearing about sightings for awhile. Life is truly imitating art for the co-stars but the roles have reversed. Anderson and Duchovny are now masterminds of the cover up and sightings of them are as mysterious and valuable to their fans as the little green men and UFOs were to Mulder and Scully. But the game still remains the same. The truth is out there. We’ll just have to be patient a little while longer!

Are you a believer yet or do you think the latest evidence of “proof is more wishful thinking?

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18 responses to “New Couple Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Spotted Frolicking In Pool At LA Home”

  1. ajimoody says:

    I am a sceptic but I wanna believe (God, that’s cheesy).

  2. Elwood says:

    Of course I BELIEVE and HOPE! Where are the paparazzis when U need them? And why does these folks from the russion site have no pix???!!! AAAAAH! That would have been the PROOF!

  3. LK says:

    Are you that desperate for traffic to this site? Pathetic.
    Sources/pics or it didn’t happen!!

  4. Always believed those two were together.

  5. Spooky says:

    haha no pics or source give… so it’s not true at all!! stop this shit!

  6. sammyk says:

    David said in a recent article that he rents Chris Carter’s house while he is in LA. So…Gillian is ‘moving into’ a house he doesn’t even really live in? lol And instead of running to one of the dozens of american tabloids in hollywood they went to….a russian website? This makes me laugh.

  7. Flo Ramirez says:

    If it’s a private gated community, more than likely, you can’t just stroll up a take pictures. They have security people. Any private pictures are subject to legal action.

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  9. Bulls/i! Detector says:

    This is the stupidest story since the “news” of them being together broke. I find all of it hard to believe simply because the so-called “neighbors” could have very easily took pictures and then sold them to any of the rag mags out there for a price. So, sorry but DL isn’t any more reliable than the Russian website as far as fact finding and verification is concerned.

  10. Eleonora says:

    100% que estan juntos!! viven juntos!! se los aseguro!! toda esa informacion es verdad!! ya lo verán y recuerden que esto 100% confirmadisimo que esta sucediendo, y no falta mucho para que ellos empiezen hacer apariciones públicas juntos se dejen fotografiar juntos porque que no lo veamos no quiere decir qe no es, desde el momento que decidieron convivir es porque ya de apoquito van a ir blanqueando la relacion asi es!! ellos lo quieren tambien!!

  11. jackie says:

    first, let me say this story sounds like total Bullshit, but as far as taking pics goes, if ppl are on private property and can’t be seen from the street or public area, pics would be illegal for anyone to publish. That said, i do think if a neighbor really had any scoop, they’d go to a US outlet, not some un-named russian website. Why is there no link to this site in the ‘article’?

  12. Kurt says:

    Pics or GTFO.

  13. True says:

    Hey, everybody. Gillian is a good friend of mine. This whole story is totally false. Whoever writes this shit: there is a lot of true and interesting to write about. Try those things out as topics. You’ll find there’s a whole amazing world out there that you don’t have to lie about.

  14. reltub says:

    well if they are together who cares………true fans dreams come true…….respect lets hope christmas WEDDING a true x-phile for life

  15. VilhelmR says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m on an X-Files kick right but I’m going to ignore that this was posted several years ago. Media never lets shit go if it’s something that’ll generate traffic. Which is why they talk about Anderson and Duchovny being together and Jennifer Aniston is always asked about Brad Pitt. It’s been almost 4 years since this article was posted and there’s still NO evidence they’re a couple. If a relationship has been going on even half as long as the fandom thinks it has been then there would have been something by now. Everyone has a camera built into their phone so if anyone anywhere saw ANYTHING then a photo or video would have surfaced. The X-File fandom obsession with wanting these two to be a couple is ridiculous.