Police Investigate Deion Sanders Filmed Beating Pilar Sanders With A Statue (Video)


Deion Sanders brutally attacked his estranged wife Pilar Sanders by beating her with a statue according to Dee Boswell, Pilar’s close friend.  Dee was also brutalized by Deion and she filmed the attack on Pilar!  Hold the Phone and I do mean that literally!  Deion Sanders is at it again with the drama, only this time it’s not his soon to be ex-wife Pilar it is with her BFF Dee Boswell.

Well apparently Dee was involved in the whole Pilar attack on Deion story, where she and Pilar supposedly jumped him because she found out that he was seeing someone else.  Dee dished the whole story as she saw it to the Prosper Police Department.  She said she heard Pilar scream “somebody help me”, so she went to find out what was going on, I sure would, wouldn’t you, and also smart girl, she had her camera phone so she turned it on just in case.  Well Thank God she did.

Ok so when she gets there she said she saw Pilar on the floor with her hands over her head and Deion striking her on the head with a statue.  A statue!!!  A big man like that needs to hit a woman with a statue?   According to her the minute Deion realized that he was being filmed, she says he looked shocked and then attacked her.

The police came in ushered her and Pilar out of the house.  Pilar was bleeding and put into an ambulance and next thing taken to jail.  Remember this is all allegedly what Pilar’s BFF Dee has said.

To See Video Click Here

According to Deion he says that Pilar called the ambulance herself and that he never put his hands on her. Ah! suki suki now!!! The Prosper Police Department have Ms. Boswell’s phone and I guess they are examining what was filmed.  Whew! Talk about two different stories, one is north pole and the other one is south pole, maybe they can find the truth in Prosper.  Those two are what I call a down right hot mess!

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