Pregnant Kate Middleton Makes First Public Appearance Since Hospital Stay

Pregnant Kate Middleton Makes First Public Appearance Since Hospital Stay

All of Great Britain (and the world really) have been waiting and wondering when pregnant Kate Middleton would emerge from exile after her hospitalization and mandated home rest from her traumatic morning sickness. Wonder no more – the pregnant princess is slated to present awards tonight at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards!

I can only imagine what sort of thunderous applause there will be when she takes the stage and whoever she’s handing awards to will be completely overshadowed by her mere pregnant presence. Ate is presenting both the lifetime achievement award and the evening’s headline prize as well.

Kate’s involvement with the awards ceremony is part of her role as the ambassador of Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic teams. I don’t know who will be getting the headline award, but the lifetime achievement award will go to Lord Sebastian Coe. He’s the chap that snagged the Olympics for London and won gold himself for Britain in 1980 and 1984 in the 1500 meter.

I’m sure Coe already knows the Duchess since she was the Olympic Ambassador and he was the chairman of London’s Olympic organization. But for the other award – the BBC Sports Personality of the Year – the top contenders are Jessica Ennis (the petite gold medal heptathlete), Mo Farah (5,000 and 10,000 meter gold medalist) and Bradley Wiggins (UK’s answer to Lance Armstrong – minus the juicing allegations).

But once Duchess Kate enters the building, the athletes should expect to take a back seat for the remainder of the evening, which is something of a shame. I wonder if standing in Kate’s gestating shadow and having their moments diminished somewhat will be disappointing for them. Likely not. If these athletes are half as excited as the rest of the UK (and the world) that there’s a royal scone in the oven, they won’t mind sharing (or sacrificing) the spotlight.

Kate’s not been seen in public for the last 10 days since she checked out of the hospital. She was last seen smiling, along with her sweet Prince William as she left the hospital, waving to well-wishers. Prince William will not be at his pregnant bride’s side tonight – he’s on duty in his role as a Royal Air Force search and rescue chopper pilot.

Kate was treated for severe morning sickness and given IV fluids and nutrition to stabilize her, but the no-stop vomiting may continue for months. Fingers crossed that the Duchess doesn’t toss her royal biscuits on stage at the BBC Sports awards ceremony. I’m excited – as I’m sure most women are – to see what she’s wearing, if there’s the tiniest bit of baby bump showing on her thin frame yet and whether she looks a bit green around the gills on-stage!

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