Queen Elizabeth Demands Prince Harry Take DNA Test – Is He Really A Prince?

Queen Elizabeth Demands Prince Harry Take DNA Test – Is He Really A Prince?

Oh baby, oh baby, who for is thy baby? This was the question asked by Royal Palace officials and the Queen of England herself when they demanded that Prince Harry be subjected to a DNA test to prove whether he is Prince Charles’ son or James Hewitt’s spawn, one man with whom Princess Diana had an affair. Prince Harry DNA can’t be that hard to come by – just ask around amongst the Las Vegas hookers – they surely can come up something.

According to The National Enquirer, Prince Charles freaked out in like a drunken telemarketer when he was informed of this ludicrous decision. He said, “Harry is my son and I refuse to allow his royal heritage to be put to the test!” Jeez, can someone take a damn chill pill?

A source says, “Prince Charles was so livid when he saw photos of his nude son partying with girls at a Las Vegas hotel – but that’s nothing compared to the anger and hurt he felt when his own mother and her royal advisers coldly demanded that he force Harry to agree to a DNA test that would prove, once and for all, whether Harry is truly his son.

Allegedly the old Queen Elizabeth is so pissed off with her grandson’s antics over the past few years that she wants to check whether Harry is Charles’ son. After all, Prince William settled down with Duchess Kate Middleton without much hysterics and drama. Why is Harry then the proverbial black sheep in the dysfunctional family? There must be a reason to his insane behaviour, should there not be? Well, according to the source, “The Queen’s so humiliated she’s questioning again whether Harry’s her real grandson – or if the persistent rumours that he’s Diana’s child by Hewitt are true.

It could be that these rumours are mere conspiracy theories, like the moon landing and JFK’s assassination, but it could also be that these sordid stories have some fact to them. What would this mean to the Windsors? Well, we think the Queen needs to check herself before she wrecks herself and stop pouncing on Prince Harry before he becomes the red headed step child that’s been part of pop culture ever since the dawn of Mick Hucknall.

Oh, and Charles, never put your baby in a corner.

Let us know in the comments below whether you think this story is bull or true.

30 responses to “Queen Elizabeth Demands Prince Harry Take DNA Test – Is He Really A Prince?”

  1. FedUp says:

    Its funny how the Royals act like their closet isn’t full of skeletons. The “fascist regime” has a lot of nerve. If I were Harry I would be thrilled that I wouldn’t be linked with such a lineage. Harry has and always will be my fav. Brit Royal. He has better looks, better personality and he has fun in life. Wills is balding (enough said). Leave Harry alone!!! Plus what happens is Vegas stays in Vegas. He is allowed to have fun. He doesn’t have to live like a monk b/c he isn’t going to be the King of England. Let it go and I hope the Queen gets her royal knickers in a wad when her request show he is indeed her grandson. Poor Harry….

  2. avia says:

    He takes a lot from his grandfather prince Philip. people, check out his young photos. while despite Hewitt’re relative youth, people can only find one and only one photo where he looks like harry. so hard to find similarities. End of story.

  3. grammadee94 says:

    I’ve ALWAYS felt that Harry was NOT Charles.

  4. drfell says:

    total bollocks

  5. deb says:

    Remember Randy Andy, excuse me Prince Andrew…

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  7. He looks like Diana’s brother and there red hair in her family. You can always make things look the same if you try hard enough.

  8. Chuck says:

    So, if he’s inbred he passes the test?

    • Jo says:

      Your Majesty, put him to the test and if I PASSED Harry I would “LEAVE THE DAMNED ROYAL FAMILY”.Queen Elizabeth it is bad enough that you hated Diana and probably had her assinated, now you pick on Harry. GO AHEAD, SUBMIT HIM TO THE TEST. HE WILL PASS AND HARRY LEAVE THAT STUPID PALACE FOR GOOD. YOUR GRANDMOTHER RULES BY THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. “REMEMBER THAT WEEK QUEEN ELIZABETH” ??? The flowers, the people, how Tony Blair told you that one in four wanted to abolish the monarchy??? It was in the movie “THE QUEEN”. You submit Harry to that test and when he passes………..


    • Jo says:

      I just cannot understand how Charles got and still gets away with so much and Wills and Harry make one wrong move,especially POOR HARRY, and it is all over the news around the world. Why is this??? CAMILLA, GOD IS WATCHING AND ONE DAY YOU WILL GET YOURS. YOU BROKE UP TWO FAMILIES. YOURS AND CHARLES’S. “WHAT GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER, LET NO MAN OR WOMAN PUT ASUNDER”. SO WHISPER IN THE QUEEN’S EAR ALL YOU WANT. YOU WILL NEVER SIT ON THAT THRONE.

  10. Olga says:

    Harry DOES look like Charles! Just take a careful look of his face!

  11. katekastorff says:

    Harry is an honorable soldier, helicopter pilot and all round rockin redhead. Leave the boy alone. All soldiers have a right to party when they ain’t being shot at.

  12. Guest says:

    Look at the Diana’s family, the Spencers. Her family had alot of gingers in that group. Harry has Prince Andrew’s spirit, I’m afraid, but in time will settle down. Prince Harry doesn’t even look like James Hewitt, but more like Pricess Diana’s brother – Earl Spencer as well as his late maternal grandfather -also a ginger. Can we get a picture of those two together for comparison — the Earl of Spencer and Prince Harry?

  13. felishaw says:

    harry is hardly the only black sheep of the family-the queen seems to forget her own son cheated on diana from the honeymoon-and then married the woman-which was something the queens own uncle was dethroned for.

  14. Ben James says:

    Hey Harry, I will make you tell me whose your daddy!

  15. Ben James says:

    Take and pass the test, hold it over the queen’s head for the rest of her life …..

  16. Ziv Bnd says:

    Harry is a good sort, but he is not Charles son. Back a few years ago, the Telegraph had an article on Charles, Diana and Hewitt, and they just happened to put the pictures from left to right, Diana, Charles (19 years old looking to his left), Harry (19 years old looking to his left) and Hewitt (20 years old looking to his left). Harry is a dead ringer for Hewitt, the hairline, the nose, the eyebrows, the jawline. Hewitt is Harry’s father, and despite this story, the queen has known it for years. She is a tough old bird, but I don’t think she cares who Harry’s father is at this point.
    She did, however, get angry about Diana doing about a quarter as much charity/royal work as the rest of the family and getting ten times the coverage.

    • DustyOR says:

      it is well documented she was getting it on with Hewlett
      so why not pass him off? I mean by that time it is ?? if she was doing same with Charles

  17. JoBlaise says:

    Oh, please. I’m sure if they even did this (which I highly doubt) it would have been done YEARS ago, and not in response to a ridiculous party in Las Vegas. He does look like Charles.

  18. Daily Mail says:

    Harry is definitely James Hewitt’s son and Prince Charles is well aware of the fact that he and Princess Diana had not had sexual relations in the year prior to Harry’s birth.

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  20. DustyOR says:

    about time
    Just surprised it has taken them this long to do it.
    He is about as much a member of the royals as I am.
    I will be surprised if he is………………and if not he needs to just remain in the Army and move on into his mother’s family

  21. ladyday says:

    They say that the Queen adores Harry and I doubt she would ever “demand” this – even she has said that she and Harry have a special bond. And even as the little scamp he is (which I love about him- William suits his role perfectly as Harry does his, let the kid have some fun! They lost their mother; William is the perfect heir and very responsible and Harry is the funny rascal of a kid brother and the “spare”; and each enables the other to more fully embrace their respective roles) – they are both more popular and likeable than Charles, so either way I love them as they are. And he does look as much like Diana’s brother as he does like Hewitt. What good boys they both are a breath of fresh air to the royal family. Long may they both live and smile.

  22. anne says:

    is having the queen’s eyes and his father’s personallity and face and the hair is a legacy from his mother’s family. the prove is that sarah ferguson was diana’s cousin and she and her daughter have red hair to

  23. Anyone with basic mathematics can calculate this. Harry was born in 1984. Diana began her affair with James Hewitt in 1987. Harry is the spitting image of Charles and has a great look of Prince Philip about him as well.

  24. Sarah David says:

    in America, it’s Chelsea. Hillary and Webster Hubbell. Which is why Bill has enjoyed an open marriage for years. He’s got the card on Hillary.