Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore Buys A Husband – Producers Offer $500,000

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore Buys A Husband – Producers Offer $500,000

Not even a $500,000 payday can secure a husband for the Kenya Moore, new cast member on Bravo’s The Real Housewive’s of Atlanta!  If you watch the show then you already know that this chick is a real piece of work. She has been dating her boyfriend Walter for nearly two years but up until recently, it was a long distance thing. Kenya breezed into Hotlanta to start filming the show and that enabled her to see Walter regularly as he is a local, self-made businessman.

Kenya is desperate to be married with a baby all of a sudden and she has been laying the pressure on thick. When Walter seems to hedge the aging former Miss USA then resorts to tactics that involve grinding on other men as Walter watches in disgust. This dingbat believes that she is making him jealous when it’s pretty obvious that she’s just making him sick!

According to Media Take Out there is someone close to the show that decided to dump some details on what is really up. Walter wasn’t proposing on his own so the producers tried to make it worth his while!

Bravo offered to pay for the wedding, and to sign a multi year contract with him to be on the show. All in, it was going to be about $500,000.00. 

Walter said ‘No’ and then he quit the show. You’ll see in a few episodes he’s going to mysteriously disappear.”

Isn’t that hilarious? This chick is so shady and high maintenance that even half a mil isn’t enough to lock a man into putting a ring on it!  Can you blame Walter? Why the heck would he want to lock himself into a marriage with someone that resorts to childish games when she doesn’t get her way?  Does Kenya really even care about Walter or was she just after the bling? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!