Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Show Spoiler Hell! (Video)

Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Show Spoiler Hell! (Video)

Oh my god. I knew after the way that the current season of The Real Housewives’ of New Jersey ended that the reunion show was going to be explosive but this preview clip even took me by surprise! I wonder if everyone gets out in one piece because it looks like broken and bloody could easily be the running theme here!  There is so much wrong with this cast and so much animosity hanging in the air that when you put them all together in one room it can’t be anything other a fireball of drama!

Let’s just break it all down bit by bit and person by person because truly, it’s the only way to help you understand what a mess this is.

Teresa Giudice is probably hands down THE most conniving, vindictive Jersey girl ever. She is as fake as they come and it stems from this intense need to keep up appearance. Her husband Joe cheats on her, was caught on camera calling another woman this season and then referring to Teresa as his “c*nt wife”. He is also just plain nasty and I nearly forgot to mention the fact that in October he’ll likely be heading to jail for fraud. A real winner of a husband is what Teresa has. She makes him sleep in another room, complains that he drinks too much and this season it has been alleged that the marriage is for the cameras at this point. Teresa also has four little girls that are extremely disrespectful and nasty. Gia is the oldest and just rude and obnoxious. Milania is 7 and needs some good old fashioned punishment if you catch my drift. She also obviously repeats the things that Teresa says. She talks to her father just as Teresa talks to Joe and it’s not cute on a little kid.

Tre (as they call her) resents her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga because, quite frankly, everyone else loves her. Melissa is nice and is happy in her marriage to Tre’s brother, Joe. She has 3 kids that seem to be very well behaved, a burgeoning singing career and a happy life. In other words, Tre is jealous of Melissa and tries to vilify her every chance she gets. First Melissa was a goldigger, then a whore, then she would leave Joe for a guy with more money. Now Tre claims that Melissa was a stripper and went to great lengths to try and embarrass her at a fashion show. Tre brought in a man claiming to be Melissa’s former boss at a strip club and had him approach her in front of everyone. It got ugly, extremely ugly and the whole cast instantly smelled a rat and knew that Tre had set Melissa up. Fast forward a year and virtually NO ONE talks to Teresa. At the reunion Teresa is completely in the hot seat the entire time because EVERYONE has an ax to grind with her. She can’t even lean on her husband because he is grilled about cheating on his wife so Tre in her Christmas pageant dress is really left to fend for herself here.

Melissa, quite obviously has a lot to say. She still maintains that she was NOT a dancer, but a bartender by night and that she wore black shorts and a tank top. The man (Angelo) that approached her at the fashion show only was her boss for a week because he usually covered day shift. He later admitted to being asked by Teresa to approach Melissa and she just doesn’t understand what on earth she ever did to Tre to make her want to cause such drama for her. Melissa had tried to work on having a friendship with Tre this season and so being set up completely left her blindsighted because she thought that they were getting along really well. Her husband Joe is also there to confront his sister and her husband. You can tell that Joe Gorga has had more than enough of Tre’s drama and he really believes that he must protect his family from her now.

Jacqueline Laurito is usually the one to keep her mouth shut the most. She’s emotional and seems to be hurt easily so it takes a lot to make her confront situations dead on but at the reunion the biggest battle actually is between her and Tre. They were besties for a long time and Jacqueline trusted Tre with everything. Jacqueline has slowly backed away this season as she watched Tre’s lies start to catch up with her. She came to realize that she as well as the other ladies were sold out to tabloids by Tre and the night of the fashion show it was Jacqueline that ended up holding the smoking gun. A friend texted her details of Tre setting Melissa up before it happened  There was a moment where you could see Jacqueline finally GET it. The lightbulb turned on and she realized that she had been manipulated for years. When she confronted Teresa she did what she always does, she took no responsibility and threw the blame back- this time at Jacqueline. She tried to say that it was her setting Melissa up. Absolutely crazy considering the fact that Jacqueline likes Melissa and has never had an issue with her! The reunion is a huge face off between these two former friends. Jacqueline isn’t backing down either, she lets Tre know exactly what she thinks of her.

Kathy Wakile is stuck in this mess because she is Tre’s cousin who Tre constantly slights. So on a personal level, she has an ax to grind with the woman who belittles her and then on the other side, she’s furious to see how easy it is for Teresa to hurt everyone in her path.

It’s hard to believe that Caroline Manzo was ever friends with Teresa. She called her “poison” long before anyone else and she was just done with her way back when. At this point Caroline is furious for Jacqueline and obviously very protective of her. She tears into Tre for crushing her friends and destroying a family. Caroline’s daughter Lauren takes a more humorous approach. She asks Tre is she writes her own Bravo blog (of course Tre says yes) and then challenges her on it. Lauren has made flash cards using big words from the blog and asks Tre the definition of these words. Teresa has no clue!

Apparently Tre’s blog is as fake as her marriage, which is as fake as her denials of bad behavior are!

Hell hath no fury like this RHONJ reunion show! The fur starts flying this Sunday, will you be watching? Tell us your thoughts on this season in the comments below!

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  1. Karen says:

    Looking at the picture shows that Teresa has become, despite makeup and hair artists, a truly ugly person. When
    you are ugly inside it shows on the outside.