Reunited Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Still Fighting Over Rupert Sanders

Reunited Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Still Fighting Over Rupert Sanders 0919

Robert Pattinson is finding out the hard way that forgiving is the easy part, forgetting is a whole other matter. Even while reports file in today that Rob and Kristen Stewart have managed to patch things up and reunite for old time’s sake, Rob’s still having a difficult time getting over why Kristen needed to make out with that nasty 40-year-old, Rupert Sanders, in the first place.

The media has exhausted all the whys and probably given Rob plenty food for thought. Was it the demise of her own parents’ marriage that made Kristen want to act so recklessly? Was she bored with Rob and afraid for their relationship post-Twilight? Or, in her own words, did she just want to feel out of control. Whatever it was, that feeling has passed and Rob has accepted her back but do you think he’s worried those old, ugly feelings will resurface again? Hate to be all Dr. Phil but Rob’s got to know that if doesn’t solve the root of the problem with Kristen then she’ll probably cheat again. It’s just what happens, and in Kristen’s case, it happens a lot. So that’s my Chicken Soup For The Soul of the Day.

But I like where Rob’s head is at. He needs to keep confronting Kristen over what she did. If they fight then so be it. But she can’t get away with “It was stupid and it didn’t mean anything” because it obviously did. If he just takes her back with that lame ass excuse then he deserves to get cheated on again. And don’t you think he deserves the truth no matter how sh-tty it is? If they’re going to make this work then it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better but that’s what makes it worth it, right? But then he has to let it go. If she comes clean, he has to find a way to move on. I’m telling you. It’s way harder than forgiving someone!


4 responses to “Reunited Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Still Fighting Over Rupert Sanders”

  1. Anne Franklin says:

    But You’re not “Dr Phil” and your opinion is just that an opinion….Can’t you just report what you know? Oh, but you don’t know as much as anybody else…Right

  2. ap says:

    hahaha it not enough that Kristen cheated ,hurt and humiliated Rob.the summit/lionsgate/Krisren PR wanted him to look like a stupid cuckolded doormat fool too just to sell the BD to the disgruntled angry delusional fans.congratulations its workiing the fans sucking to the fake reconciliation news.let light the firecrackers and dance around the bonefire celebrating the fake news.poor Rob always is the losing end.

  3. guest says:

    of course they gonna fight for Rupert Sander forever.the pictures will not go away.they and everybody else can google that in their lifetime.unless Kristen has a time machine she can undo her stupidity ,immaturity,selfishness and lack of self control.there would be no problem at all.dont think this reconciliation is a real deal. Rob forgiving her is possible for the sake of BD promotions but getting back together that fast after what she did.dont think so.

  4. […] can’t see why Rob would be wasting his time if he wasn’t trying to work through things. Even if he still has Rupert Sanders on the brain, he must be overcoming his issues! Good for him. Kind of wish we had a picture though. Rob and […]