RHONY’s Aviva Drescher Calls Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan ‘Overweight, Old ladies Gone Wild’

RHONY’s Aviva Drescher Calls Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan ‘Overweight, Old ladies Gone Wild’

This is one of those ugly fights that just isn’t going away anytime soon. I’m talking about the downright nasty war of words between The Real Housewive’s of New York City’s Aviva (A-Diva) Drescher, Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer. It began while they crew was on a vacation to St. Barts a few months back. A-Diva is terrified to do anything without holding her husband, Reid’s, hand and so she needed him to fly with her to the island. His appearance didn’t sit well with Sonja and Ramona and from the second they voiced the idea that it was originally supposed to be a girls-only trip, A-Diva went bats*it crazy for the whole world (or at least the whole Bravo audience) to see.

The footage has been aired over the past few weeks and we’ve all gotten to see just how nasty and holier than though A-Diva really is. At the same time, Sonja and Ramona have pretty much admitted that they are as trashy as can be and not only that, but they “own” it!

After being called an “overweight, old lady gone wild” to the New York Post this week, Sonja had no choice but to fire back with a few zingers of her own.

“What kind of thoughtless, rude, superficial, unfeeling people are they to say that?” she said when asked by the paper. She goes on to say that Drescher lies about her philanthropy work, alleging “all of the pictures of her philanthropy are only things she did on the show. She might’ve been lying about her degrees.”

A-Diva, in the same Post article fired back, “For her to say my background is phony is as stupid as me saying I have no legs,”

Okay. I’m not exactly getting the correlation there but I do appreciate her ability to bring either her missing leg or anxiety issues into each and every conversation. The constant attention seeking comments are part of what has earned her the nickname, A-Diva. If you insist that you want to be treated equally, then honey why the heck do you keep throwing up flares about what is wrong with you? Sonja may be hard partying her way towards a total meltdown but A-Diva is clearing driving the crazy train and I don’t see her hitting those brakes anytime soon!

What are your thoughts on this ongoing feud? Is A-Diva bonkers? Will Sonja end up in rehab?  Hit up the comments below!

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  • daisy

    Aviva Drescher is a classy lady who has every reason to be angry about “Ramonja’s” antics…..they are truly “white trash”….I feel bad for the daughters of Singer and Morgan…..no child deserves to be embarrassed by their middle-aged, drunken, attention seeking mothers…which does describe Singer and Morgan. Hooray for Aviva’s class!

    • remnant1988

      Remember when 55 year old Ramona thought she was pregnant?
      The women needs a doctor for her illness es.lol


  • Natalie Walton

    AVIVA get a life and shut up!!!! She is the worst….can NOT stand her. Major issues there. Enough.