Robert Pattinson To Leave Kristen Stewart After Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promotional Tour (Photos)

Robert Pattinson To Leave Kristen Stewart After Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promotional Tour

Oh, Rob, say it ain’t so!  According to In Touch, a source has confirmed that Robert Pattinson will in fact be breaking things off with Kristen Stewart as soon as their recent promotional tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2 wraps up.  Says the source, “after much agonizing, the actor has come to a decision that will surely blindside Kristen: He’s going to break up with her, this time for good.  He won’t have a tie to her after all this is done, and then he won’t be forced to see her.”

Whyyyy???  Why can’t you continue this showmance through until the release of the DVD?  Better yet, wait until the special edition boxed set comes out and then leave her ass.  That way I can cry on my couch and relive the Twilight Saga (or I should say Robsten Saga) over and over.  Otherwise, I’ll be forced to cry on my couch while watching movies 1-4, and then make my way to the theater to cry through 5.  Come on Rob, not cool.

I’m not going to lie, clearly Kristen had it coming.  She started off her relationship with Rob by cheating on her boyfriend at the time, that little actor from Sky High, Michael something (he’s not really relevant anyway). That was just a preview of what was to come.  She clearly showed a preference for older men.  Then she blew everyone away by going even older and cheating on our man Rob with her director, Rupert Sanders.  Now that one stole the show.  She pretty much made every Rob fan want to tear her up for breaking his heart and publicly humiliating him.

Supposedly she no longer reads any of the online gossip about her, but in this case it may have done her some good.  At least she might have had a heads up that her love life was about to implode.  Instead she will be blindsided just as Rob was when he tells her it’s over.  I’ve gotta say, smart move getting your own place, Kristen.  Perhaps you knew more about your future than we believed.

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2” premiere in Berlin, Germany on November 16, 2012.

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

  • andifonly0703

    i just won the bet….think everyone saw this coming….you can even see it in his eyes….he’s done with her now…she’s done a really good job screwing up everything in her life…her BF, her career, no one who worked on twilight can deal with her anymore…she fought with another director in a parking lot, calls her fans retards and now can’t figure out why she can’t get work

  • That is a lie that is not true, because gossip cop said that story was false and not true. Robert and Kristen are together for good so leave these two people alone, for God sake leave them be let them get on with their lives. wish then both luck so good luck and best wishes. your and support your bigget fan.

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