Royal Family At War Over Kate Middleton’s Prominent Position At Olympics

Royal Family At War Over Kate Middleton's Prominent Position At Olympics 0729

Prince Andrew is furious at Prince Charles for continuing his crusade of thinning out the royal family and the two are barely speaking. Andrew resents the fact that Charles’ family – especially Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles – have been taking center stage during the Olympics while his daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, have been shuffled to the side. At a recent party he referred to her daughters as the only “blood princesses” of their generation. Oh no he didn’t! Them’s fightin’ words!

The Daily Mail reports:

At a cocktail party in one of the royal palaces the other evening, Andrew was angrily telling a senior figure how he and others in the family are being pushed to the margins of royal life. At loggerheads: Prince Andrew blames his older brother Charles for pushing him and others in the Royal Family to the margins of royal life.

The ‘others’ include his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie. He sees it as an insult that they are being dissuaded from carrying out royal duties even though — as he fervently points out — they are the only two ‘blood princesses’ of their generation. What has emerged is that he blames Charles for what is happening, rather than the Queen and Prince Philip. He sees Charles, who will be 64 in November, as effectively running the show, apparently having established an ‘understanding’ with their elderly parents that after the Jubilee he would have an enhanced say in ‘the firm’.

‘The idea was very simple, really,’ says a senior figure. ‘Charles was to be allowed to begin to initiate some of the changes in style he would want when he becomes king.’ That may still be many years away, but for a very long time the Prince has been talking of a ‘slimmed down’ monarchy more in tune with the modern world, and at last he has had the chance to begin to put his plans into effect.

But as a friend of the Duke of York says: ‘The speed and suddenness with which Charles has acted has taken Andrew’s breath away. It’s dreadfully high-handed.’

Andrew is just still mad because the Queen didn’t allow the whole family on the balcony during the Jubilee celebrations. You’ll recall, only Princes William and Harry and Kate joined the Queen, Charles and Camilla to wave to the crowd resulting in the senior royals getting p-ssy with Kate and encouraging the new curtsy rules that make her have to curtsy to everyone when William isn’t around. What a tough family! How uncomfortable this must be.

Andrew needs to relax and get a clue. No one cares about him. All we want to see are William, Harry and Kate. Beatrice and Eugenie are OK but they lack their mother’s unpredictability which made her so much more fun to watch. They should just get jobs, marry rich dudes and get hobbies outside of the royal family. They want the best of both worlds. They want Kate’s exposure but not her responsibility. I don’t think Kate’s life is too great. Did you see William at the Olympic opening ceremonies? I don’t think he’s easy to live with. He looks moody as all hell. I’m thinking Beatrice and Eugenie are luckier than they think!

What do you think of Andrew’s complaints? Is Charles being unfair or is he just doing what’s best for the family and the country?


5 responses to “Royal Family At War Over Kate Middleton’s Prominent Position At Olympics”

  1. genniveve says:

    He is turning into a very nasty man, he seems to spend his time entertaining women and playing golf, getting as many FREEBIES as he can.Nobody has a grudge about his daughters just the way they have to drag their mother out into the spotlight at every turn and only appear with him when it’s a “ROYAL” occasion, or thats the way it comes across, the girls seem delightful..

    • Lea says:

      In my country, the wife to the crown prince is considered higher ranked compared to the other prince or princess simply because she is going to be the future queen. The other royalties have to respect her because of her position and she carries a lot of royal duties and responsibilities. Nothing change that wether if the husband is around or isn’t. My question is, what is your other princesses are doing? What is their duty or contribution to the community? I think that the British protocol is actually need to be revised. From, Malaysia.

  2. Cari says:

    Images of Cinderella. Weren’t Beatrice and Eugenie the names of the ugly step-sisters??

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