Sandra Bullock’s Bitter and Jealous Rage Over Matthew McConaughey And Camilla Alves’ Wedding

Sandra Bullock’s Bitter and Jealous Rage Over Matthew McConaughey And Camilla Alves' Wedding

Sandra Bullock was in tears as she suffered a bitter and jealous tantrum over losing yet another man, this time it was Matthew McConaughey. Sandra and Matthew dated from the mid-to-late 90’s and allegedly got together for a fling in 2003. A source claims that “Sandra and Matthew ‘got’ each other from day one. They were soul mates.” And the source added: “Even after she married Jesse James, and Matthew moved on to Camilla, Sandra still carried a torch for him.”

Poor Sandra is better at winning Oscars than at winning men, or so it seems.  There was ex-husband Jesse James who was a serial cheater throughout his marriage to Sandy – and he seemed to prefer the skankiest women he could find over her.  Then Ryan Reynolds and Keanu Reeves both seemed to like her as ‘a friend’ but nothing more.  There were rumors, which we reported at CDL, of a secret romance between Sandra and Ryan but obviously that didn’t work out.

According to The National Enquirer Plus: Sandra Bullock was in tears when her “soulmate” Mathew McConaughey walked down the aisle with his baby mama Camilla Alves say sources.

Sandra Matthew dated for two years after meeting on the Mississippi set of the thriller a time to kill and 1995. The romance cooled, but they enjoyed a rendezvous at an Austin nightclub in May 2003.

“At one point, Sandra straddled Mats leg while she gyrated,” an eyewitness told the National Enquirer

“Another time, Matt bent her backward and kissed her neck. There was so much sexual tension in the air that after a while you just want to tell them, ‘hey, get a room!’”

The source adds: “They’ve always been best friends, and years ago Sandra and Matthew promised each other that if they weren’t happily married by their mid-40s they settled down together.”

 “Now Sandra is raising her adopted son Louis alone, while Matthew has fathered two adorable kids in a blissful relationship with Camilla,” says the source.

 “Continuing to live near Matthew was just too much for Sandra, especially after he moved back to Texas permanently,” says the source.

“For Sandra, Matthew will always be the man who got away.”

Let’s face it, Sandra and men just don’t work.  We don’t know why Sandra struggles so in the romance department but we bet her ex-lovers do!  So far none of them except Jesse are talking and we don’t really care what he has to say, do we?  What do you think?  What’s wrong with Sandra? Is it her or is it the men she winds up with? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • stop lying about Sandra Bullock…you all are sooooo mean…and yur big fat pants on fire liars…Sandy Promised us…SHE WANTS BETTY WHITES LIFE!!!!!  Sandy is such a ROCK…yu know wut…print all the lies yu want…Sandy is way to classy and buff to be bothered with yur diarrhea

    yu want the truth yu can’t handle the truth…Sandy can do wutever she wants…anything is possible…mind you…a person cannot put out a camp fire with gasoline….gas is liquid just like water but don’t expect to put out a fire with it…sum rules can be broken sum can bend…truthfully…just because a thing CAN be done…perhaps it shuldn’t be done…perhaps…idn.

    • Jody Overland

       freestyle writing – we have our own Joyce now

      • im sure i wuld be funner to read (following my comments) if i weren’t such a horrible angry person (guess we all have our moments {wink, wink ;);) }

      • im sure i wuld be funner to read (following my comments) if i weren’t such a horrible angry person (guess we all have our moments {wink, wink ;);) }

  • ??? … i was assured she didn’t want any man in her life except for Louis…i can only imagine after her ‘muse’ or whutever ‘gave her/allowed her’ to have Jesse James she was so happy she could spit…she made such a big deal about it FOR OVER 5 WHOLE YEARS

    i don’t understand…if she wanted to marry for love…why did she marry Jesse James???!  For someone that everyone claims is so strong and independent and loyal etc…the sweetest so and so…

    i wuld hate to point the finger, bub, but if Cassandra Bullock in unhappy i mostly assume SHE is the cause behind it…

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Sandy…maybe a little is ok…its ok to be angry and its ok to be sad…personally i try to be ‘happy’/funny and angry at the same time and oft (on a very delicate balance) i laugh just a very little bit at the same time i cry ;)

    so sometimes i guess its ok to mix and match…just be sure that the mixture of anger and sadness is an ANTONOME insted of a PARADOX (k.i.s.s)!

    Simular attacts like…like becomes same…que eres sum {lol} …”i am wut you will become”

  • Amija James

    Oh puhlease!  

  • luka098

    you should…you must make a movie with Tom Wlaschiha(Jaqen H’gar)….who knows have 1 thing in common, you’re both German

  • she picks losers, she needs to find someone with as much class and character as she has, but she likes emotionally inmature men

  • clazzy

    shes cute not sexy. Men want sex!