Selena Gomez Doctor Visit – Is Justin Bieber The Real Reason?

Selena Gomez Doctor Visit – Is Justin Bieber The Real Reason?

Amazing acting career…  check.  Even better singing career… check.  Cheating boyfriend…check.   Wait, what???  On the heels of another break up/make up session, Selena Gomez was seen leaving a doctor’s office on Monday morning.  I’d like to believe that there is a possible pregnancy, but when your boyfriend is a young successful cheater named Justin Bieber the possibilities seem to lean more toward emergency care of a different type.

For most women, a cheating boyfriend would mean a quick clean break with absolutely no contact.  But for someone as famous as Selena Gomez life is not that easy.  Her handlers know that she has to save face so making up with the boyfriend is inevitable.  But, the first order of business after making up with a cheater… making sure he didn’t bring her the gift that keeps on giving.

So, did the Biebs bring any unwanted friends to the party?  Who knows, but I’m sure a little preventative care didn’t hurt at today’s doctor visit.  I am a little skeptical about the strep throat excuse.  Their PR masters should know the exact course of action these two should take to present a united front and yet they let this happen? I mean seriously Selena… going to the doctor first thing after spending an entire weekend with Justin?  What else are we supposed to think?

In case you haven’t heard about break up/make up number 257, the supposed reason was Justin’s constant flirting.  Then it was Justin’s supposed whining about Selena not making enough time for him.  Oh, and the fact that he was dating models as if Selena never even existed.

What do you think readers?  What was the real reason for Selena’s emergency doctor visit this morning?  We will be here to bring you the most recent details of the Jelena saga.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

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