Shocking News: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Are Having A Baby

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Are Having A Baby

The current issue of OK! Magazine features the cover story ‘It’s Baby Time For Robert and Kristen.”  The magazine claims it has the shocking Twilight news that Kristen Stewart and her boyfriend Robert Pattinson are ready for a baby.

Of course OK! has all the exclusive details on how the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, convinced them not to wait for a baby.  In the new Twilight movie Bella (Kristen) and Edward (Robert) have a daughter Renesmee, so I guess the two got some practice having a baby.  The magazine claims  Kristen is going to be a natural mother and Robert has already written a lullaby for the new baby.

Our spys caught up with Robert and Kristen at the wedding of pals Kevin Turen nd Evelina Oboza in Englewood, NJ and Kristen did not look pregnant at all.  However, we did hear that the two were all over each other displaying a lot of PDA.  What do you think are Kristen and Robert expecting a baby or is this just groundless speculation by OK! to sell magazines?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Also included in this week’s magazine they have all the details on Kourtney Kardashian‘s upcoming birth.  They also have the scoop on Emily Maynard and Brad Womack‘s shocking reunion!  Why Emily anguishes over facing Brad – on national TV.

Of course what would a week be without Jennifer Aniston news?  Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are fighting in Paris, according to OK! The shadow of Jen’s previous trip to France with Brad Pitt nearly ruined her European vacation with Justin.

To find out all the details on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson having a baby and a whole lot more news, pick up the current issue of OK!

17 responses to “Shocking News: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Are Having A Baby”

  1. NIXONVAMP says:


  2. Natasha Rich says:


  3. Nicholel says:

    i think this mag. is full of shit no wonder they didn’t want anyone  to know about there relationship i can’t blame them

  4. Dragonsangel10 says:

    Congrats, I think they would both make great parents.

  5. Sbrooke10 says:

    kirsten would be good as a mom

  6. Missalecia15 says:

    i hope so their a cute couple

  7. I hope so that would be awesome if this was all true.

  8. Lovegoddess7683 says:

    If it is true that is great if not then maybe one day however people need to just let celebs be and let them live there lives plain and simple one minute you hear he is cheating on her and the next min they split up now there having a baby cant these magazines just let them be let them do there own thing and not speculate all the time just saying 

  9. All hype for Renesme in Breakin Dawn just like they leaked they secretly got married and it was actually the Breaking Dawn 1 wedding they were referring to.

  10. Jspattzfan says:

    I see a baby some day but not now. They are both very busy careerwise and there’s no need to rush .

  11. Mrs Chickenfish says:

    As much as I wouls like for this to be true I don’t believe it.  Both Kristan and Robert seem to have level heads and true values.  I don’t think they would  get on purpose without first being married.  And I’m sure they know acting as parents for a movie is alot different then actually being parents.  And lastly they are expermenting with new roles trying to get out of the Edward and Bella stage in their lives and don’t think they are going to make a huge life changing decision like that at this point.   Maybe in a couple of years( I hope).   The child would be beautiful

  12. Carrie Britt says:

    THIES MAGAZINES ARE SO FULL OF would be nice to read something that is worth reading.i havent seen it yat.just talk about the movies and not the people who plays in them,after they do the movies.they have a life to.let them comeout on their own.we not need to know every thing they are doing.thats call may have heard of it.

  13. Tori Too U says:

    Wow all these old out of date female tv stars getting down on Kristen, a 22 year old child still in many ways, having a affair with a man old enough to be her father, and they are blaming Kristen (seriously) Wow.yes she took part in the affair, do I think Kristen chased that Rupert dude, nope I do not shes to private for that, hell look how long it took Robert to get her, nope this dude chased Kristen,and her being young and immature in alot of ways still,this older man knew just how to play the game.I don’t care how mature you think a 22 year old human being is, I am here to tell you they are not,and that Rupert dude chased that young girl 24/7 I can sense she felt trapped in alot of ways on that set, not knowing what to do,coz he pulled the strings he was the director, and she wanted to do that movie, I can only immagine the pressures she must have been under,because of his advances.Why would Pattinson want to speak to the wife, shes just gonna make it sound as Kristen stalked her husband,he’s not gonna get any truth from her,get real……I bet if any other actor on that set was to tell the truth it would be that the director stalked Kristen,and her being shy and private as she is made him want her more.Wake Up People….

  14. Tori Too U says:

    Shit Kristen Stewart needs to be asking Robert Pattinson how many girls he has cheated with since he was with Kristen. 4 real……

  15. allvampedout says:

    wtf complete crap…theres no truth to this…this mag lies all the time, they lied about them throughout the whole saga…way to convenient, besides Rob doesnt have time, hes got five movies he’s working on

  16. kim says:

    I don’t believe anything that OK magazine says. However, if Kristen really is pregnant, then I wish Rob and Kirsten the best,

  17. Sharon Clark says:

    hell she been prego how many times now i wont believe it til i see it because since forever she prego i dont see her showing at all ppl plz get a life