Sink Your Fangs Into This New ‘True Blood’ Promo And Tell Us How It Tastes (Video)

Sink Your Fangs Into This New 'True Blood' Promo And Tell Us How It Tastes (Video)

The new season of True Blood is heading our way this summer and, let’s be honest, things are going to get super intense. With some major new villains (or at least some new vamps who are going to be a challenge) heading our way and some old familiar faces eager to sink their fangs back into the neck of Bon Temps, everyone here is getting pumped. Are you excited for the new season, which begins airing at the start of summer?

The brief promo, just over 30 seconds long, features our girl Sookie, as well as a shirtless Mr. Northman and a whole range of your fave characters. You can catch a glimpse of all the actors/actresses those fangs of yours have been missing: Anna PaquinStephen MoyerJoe ManganielloRyan Kwanten, and more.

Last season ended with a cliffhanger so, needless to say, fans will be eager to settle back into their TruB routine. Sink your teeth into the clip below, take a bite, and let us know how you like this lil’ gem of a trailer.

What are you looking most forward to in the upcoming season of True Blood? The thing that has us most concerned/weirded out? The vampire-hater and, at one time, Fellowship of the Sun leader . . . has a pair of fangs! Are my eyes deceiving me, or did they see correctly?

Leave your comments below! We love our TruB fans. And for those that aren’t fans of the show, we will turn you with a swift bite and you will become our progeny.

Image Credit to: HBO

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