Sister Wives Season Finale “Hard To Say Good-Bye” Recap 12/30/12

Sister Wives Season Finale "Hard To Say Good-Bye" Recap 12/30/12

The finale episode of TLC’s hit show Sister Wives airs tonight titled “Hard To Say Good-Bye”.  If you have never watch this show you will meet Kody Brown, his four wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn and their 17 children! We get to follow the Brown family and see how they attempt to navigate life as a normal family in a society that shuns their polygamist lifestyle.

On last week’s show the wives planned a dream pilgrimage across country to Nauvoo Illinois, the birthplace of American polygamy. But the three-day road trip turned into much more than they bargained for as tempers start to flair and relationships get tested and the journey was almost undone.

On tonight’s show as high school graduation nears, Logan finally decides on which college he will attend. Meanwhile, Kody and the wives are on the verge of fulfilling their dream of bringing the family back together. Will they finally make their dream come true?

We will be live blogging the episode with all the up-to-the-minute details at 9:00pm so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info!

Don’t forget to stay tuned after this episode for “Secrets Revealed” when Kody and the Wives discuss how they lives as a family even though they live in four separate houses.  This special show airs at 10:00pm, after Hard To Say Good-Bye”.

Tonight’s recap: Tonight, the mega-family is dealing with home building issues and kids departing for college. The hubby and his wives are picking out the details for their new homes. Kody asks when the homes will be ready and the builder says December. Kody says he wants them all to move in by Christmas.

Christine says she wants to close ASAP on the homes. She says she’s getting further behind. Kody says they’re all dealing with it and the other three wives jump on him about validating her concerns. Kody says they still haven’t qualified financially for the homes. He says they need the pre-qualification letters on their credit.

The house agents say it will be easier to go one at a time to select their options without the other wives there. Robyn goes first. Kody says he’s not excited about picking out carpet colors. Robyn ponders her choices and Kody narrows it down to two. He reminds her she has lots of black furniture and gets her to speed up a decision. Robyn says there are more important things and she makes her choices quickly.

The house agents tells Kody that Meri’s $200 over-budget already and that’s before she’s picked out her washer and dryer. Kody breaks the news and then she’s told she has a few colors she can pick from. Meri’s shocked that she’s over – she says she’s thrown. Meri’s aggravated because Kody’s rushing her. She’s upset because she says she’ll be there for who knows how long. She wants to spend the money now rather than down the road. He asks her if she has $10,000 extra to spend and she says no.

Kody tells her she’s “deep in the hole.” She tells him he was defensive and was telling her how it’s going to be. She tells him that he’s got a weird energy with her and she asks him to stop projecting this negative energy. She tells him it’s not a fight. She asks for the other wives to go ahead of her. Meri said she knew if she stayed, they would blow up. She said she didn’t deserve the attitude he was giving her.

Kody said when she left the room, he thought she’d go get Robyn to side with her. Meri doesn’t like this and asks if he thinks their relationship is about taking sides. Wow! She is not happy with her hubby. Kody’s frustrated because Meri took off.

Now Janelle’s picking her options and she’s not happy either. She wants a concrete pad but doesn’t have the budget. He says Janelle was too easy. She’s not pleased and said she’s going to have to pour her own pad.

Christine’s got lots of extra money and Kody asks if she’d loan some to another wife. At first she balks, but then she said she might if she had any left over. She wants a stone exterior, but needs to cut out other items she might like. She said it’s important to her to have the stone. Kody interrupts her and says he won’t discourage her, but he wants her to skip that and donate her leftover money to Meri. She wants her stone exterior. She says she’s not trying to be selfish.

Kody says he was making a joke. Meri says she would not take her money – she said she’s aggravated that she’s over budget, but wouldn’t take any of Christine’s money. Kody says Meri will probably go to Robyn to get her to side with her against him. Kody backpedals and says he didn’t mean to side, but rather to advocate for her.

Kody shows Meri and Robyn where she’s over. Kody says he felt like she brought Robyn in to keep it from getting combative. Meri says she’s willing to go back through it again. Kody gets her to agree to the carpet. Kody says he’s fighting so much emotion. He says he’s got a lot of relationships going on and he’s trying to work through everything as fast and affordably as he can.

The total amount Meri’s over is $4,665! She says she’s over because she wanted a wet bar for the counter space because she likes to entertain. That added a hobby room and pantry on and that added a fifth bedroom. She said the amount she’s over will not come out of the community budget. Janelle says she was okay once she realized she could have everything she wants.

After the house options are taken care of, Kody wants to know if Meri wants another baby with him. Whoa! Did he hear that she got an extra bedroom and decided he needs to fill it? He says it’s up to her, but if he’s even bringing it up, that means he’s already on board with the baby making…

At Meri’s house, they’re planning a surprise for Logan for when he heads off to college. They’re going to make a video from all of the family. Meri’s in charge of making the video. Christine says she knows that Meri would take care of it.

All of the kids talk about what a great brother Logan is and how much they’ll miss him. They say they wish he didn’t have to go. Meri’s having technical difficulties with the camera. Turns out, she didn’t get what she thought she’d recorded. She recorded part of the china cabinet instead of the people. Meri has to make some of them re-record and says 5 down, 15 or 16 to go.

Janelle says Logan is an integral part of their mornings and his leaving will make it hard. Kody says he wants them in the new homes by Christmas so they can start a tradition of all the kids coming back home for Christmas. He’s worried because the kids are starting to grow up and leave.

Kody goes for a haircut to see Kennedy who does his and Meri’s hair. She tells him his hair is getting thinner. Kody says he’s noticed it too, but will just have to get used to the idea. He wonders if he should do something like just shaving it off and blowing his wives’ minds. Kennedy turns on the clippers and he panics and says no, he’s just kidding. Kennedy says she’s friends with the wives and they won’t like him shaving it off. She tells him to talk to his wives about his hair situation.

He says his wives love his long, shaggy surfer look. Kody wonders if he just needs to tell them he’s going to do it. Kennedy says just in the past year, she’s seen it thinning a lot at the top. She said it doesn’t have too much longer where it’s going to be surfer versus Grandpa surfer. Kody says it’s the length of his hair that’s allowed him to keep his bald spots covered.

Janelle says Logan’s leaving today and she’s tearful. His boxes are all packed up and he’s ready to go. With his boy headed off to college, Kody starts a dialogue about how pre-marital sex is unhealthy. Right – but come on Kody – most marrieds only have the option of one sexual partner – this is the only option for his wives, right? But he gets a love buffet. Most men aren’t that lucky and sowing their oats is part of the college experience that allows them to settle into monogamy later. Unless he’s advocating that Logan go the plural wife path as well…

At Janelle’s, breakfast is in the works and she’s talking about Logan’s big move. She’s making a family breakfast and then they’re going to send him off. Janelle wants to know if it’s too embarrassing for all of the adults to come with him to see his dorm. Logan’s not sure how his dorm-mates will view the polygamy lifestyle.

Hunter and Madison are hassling Kody about his thinning hair and he gets really sensitive. Meri says Kennedy has talked a lot about how thin his hair is getting. Christine reminds him of how gross his hair looked when he got it buzzed a long time ago. Janelle says his hair is an important part of his persona. The wives do not want him to shave it.

Logan says he’s all packed up. He says he’s excited about having some breathing room away at college. He says he won’t miss the house – he’s not really connected to it. Logan says he’s never really been away from home, so he’s got butterflies, but he’s thrilled to be heading out.

At Robyn’s, Kody’s picking out some photos for the family quilt that they’re giving him as a surprise. Robyn’s sister Fawn makes photo quilts for people. It’s got everyone’s photos and it’s in the UNLV colors. Robyn says he can flip it over in case he doesn’t want everyone seeing his whole family.

Kody writes that no matter how you choose to live your life, if you’re living as God wants, you’re okay. He says that when you are sexually active outside of marriage, it’s unhealthy. Janelle says she wants him to be her little boy and to make good choices. Kody says he maybe needs to be less naïve so he’s not heartbroken by choices Logan makes.

At Janelle’s, Kody is grilling steaks for Logan’s going away lunch. Kody says he feels like Logan’s been gradually cutting himself off from him so he won’t be upset. Kody’s upset, but says he knows it’s only a half hour away. He calls the kids down to eat.

Logan’s not too sure about the quilt at first, but then it grows on him. They show him the video and he starts looking a little more serious. As the video progresses, Logan looks sadder. The video closes with a message from Janelle.

Kody knows Logan’s eager to go, but they want to take everyone over to the new house sites on the way out. Kody’s eager to know whether Meri’s interested in having another baby. Looks like losing out on one kid has Kody thinking he wants more. Robyn offered to be a surrogate, but Kody thinks Meri should try in vitro herself first. He wants her to decide if they want to try for a baby after they move in to the new houses.

At the property, Janelle says she can really see the houses. The frames are already up. The wives are very excited and say it seems so real now that they can see the walls going up. Kody wants to develop a family mission statement. He thinks about the Dargers, another polygamist family, and how they developed a family mission statement. Kody wants one and Meri thinks it’s a good time for them to regroup and redefine who they are.

Kody wants them to discuss it as a family. He wants to develop one vision. Robyn says that’s what you do even if it’s a monogamous relationship. Meri says she knows they’re already all committed. She says there’s been times when each of them would have walked out, but they’re solid now.

Christine starts thinking about how they’ll be losing more kids each year as they graduate and go off to college. She wants them to have strong roots so they’ll keep coming back. She says it can’t be too late. They’ve got to unite to make sure the kids come back. Christine says it’s important to have Christmas in the new homes – it’s Mariah and Aspen’s last Christmas with the family.

Robyn promises Meri they’ll push to get into the houses. Meri says Mariah keeps saying they need to get moved in to the new house so she can have as much time there as she can. Kody says since Logan was born, he has always viewed them as one family and that the family experience has been very grounding. He says the big family has influenced all their lives. Kody says all their kids will be good citizens because of growing up together!

The End!

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