Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez: Breakup Buddies Share Crushing Heartbreak

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez: Breakup Buddies Share Crushing Heartbreak

Pop country crooner Taylor Swift and Disney cutie Selena Gomez have been BFFs since they were both dumped by a Jonas Brother. The two bonded over their heartbreak and have been solid sisters ever since.

When Joe Jonas dumped Taylor four years ago, it was with a 27 second phone call after she reportedly caught him cheating. His partner in crime was rumored to be Camilla Belle – an older vixen that featured in his Lovebug video. Taylor told the New York Times at the time, “He’s not in my life anymore, and I have absolutely nothing to say about or to him.”

Selena was ditched by (or possibly did the ditching) Nick Jonas sometime later. It’s hard to pin down exactly when their relationship went south because they refused to publicly acknowledge they were together.

With Selena a role model for young girls with her Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place and Nick flashing his purity ring, the two weren’t eager to advertise their romance and I’m sure Disney told them to keep it on the down low…

Taylor says, “One of our early on friendship bonding moments was a couple years ago when both of us were really going through heartbreak situations. I just called her and I was like, ‘I’ll be over there in 10 minutes with a bunch of junk food.’ Ever since then, we’re just been kinda like sisters, it’s more of like a sister bond.”

Since then I’m sure Selena has had to back a junk food truck up to Taylor’s house – poor girl’s been dumped so many times – she’s like a romance landfill. Jake Gyllenhaal pulled a Jonas and dumped her with a brief phone call. Her romance with Taylor Lautner fizzled from a lack of chemistry (maybe on her part – he’s smoking hot)!

John Mayer wined, dined and dumped Swift as well, but she got him back with slam song “Dear John” which he says “really humiliated me.” Boo-hoo for Mayer – he’s a serial dumper, so I’ve got zero compassion for his hurt feelings…

But for now, besties Taylor and Selena are in solid romances – Swift with younger man Conor Kennedy (son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.) and Gomez with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. We reported last week on rumors of a Gomez-Bieber engagement – but rumor is all that will turn out to be.

Meanwhile Swift’s just plunked down over $4 million on a cool Hyannis Port pad across the street from her Kennedy sweetie… That girl jumps in head first every time, doesn’t she? Hopefully she’ll be able to flip the house quickly once Kennedy gives her the inevitable heave-ho… At least she’ll get another hit song out of it – her fizzling romances are the mainstay of her songwriting.

Selena should be standing by with Kleenex and chocolate – with Swift’s track record, the break-up should be happening any moment now. Good thing Taylor has at least one long-term relationship in her life that’s working out – she may not be able to keep a man, but at least Selena’s standing by her side! You go girls!

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