Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Denies She Is Back In Her Bedroom With Kieffer Delp

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Denies She Is Back In Her Bedroom With Kieffer Delp

Despite incriminating photos of Kieffer Delp in what her ex-boyfriend, Gary Head, says is her bedroom, Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans firmly denies they are back together. “I get off probation on Tuesday and I wouldn’t EVER think of jeopardizing that,” she said in an interview with Gather.com, referring to the fact that her probation restrictions forbid her to see Kieffer or any known drug user.

In spite of the fact that her being off probation means she now is free to see whoever she wants, including Kieffer without jeopardizing anything, the troubled Teen Mom 2 star continues to deny her break-up with Gary had anything to do with Kieffer. “It’s all lies…I broke things off with Gary because he was abusive to me ad was talking to his ex and talking to my ex best friend Tori who he had sex with hours before we started dating,” she says.

Last week, after an explosive fight with her then-boyfriend, Gary, Jenelle claimed that he hit her.  She was just too good for the brute!

However, a screenshot of a text message conversation between Jenelle and her ex-boyfriend, Gary Head, shows evidence to the contrary. In the snapshot of this conversation, which was posted by Gary later in the evening during the same day Jenelle first made the claim that Gary abused her, the two appeared to have reconciled, and Jenelle even expresses anger towards her ex-best friend, Tori Rhyne, for telling RadarOnline that Gary punched and choked Jenelle.

It is only now that she and Gary have broken up again, that Jenelle re-asserts her claim that Gary was “abusive.”  What do you guys think? Who do you believe, Jenelle or Gary?

  • MiSSBARB27

    janelle is so stupid!! keiffer is a worthless bummm!! she needs to start thinking about her kid!!

  • Cardozag

    jennell i think you are stupid you have been through enough whith the kid its time to think about jace and what you are going to do whithyour life regardless if your mom has still custody of jace maybe if you show your resposible to her go to shcool and plan your futer so you can hang out whith jace and take him whith you were ever you go and be a mom and have custody of him and finally be a mom and sometimes you have to make sacruface for your kid show him you will always be thier and just be a mom hope you take my edvice