Teresa Giudice Split With Joe Giudice: She Won’t Stay With A Cheater!

Teresa Giudice Split With Joe Giudice: She Won't Stay With A Cheater!

The current issue of In Touch features the cover story ‘Cheating Scandal – Teresa talks Split!.’  The magazine has all the juicy details on what Teresa Giudice felt like when her husband of 10 years Joe Giudice spoke to another women on the phone and called her a “b*tch” and a “c**t.”  Understandably, Teresa was devastated and humiliated to hear him speak that way about her.  Teresa puts her blinders on when it comes to Joe and it is difficult for her to accept he is such a douche.

In the revealing interview Teresa tells In Touch after watching an advance screening of the episode, “I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach. I was humiliated.”  “I can’t defend him on this,” Teresa continues. “I’m hurt by him and disappointed by him.”

It all went down at Caroline Manzo’s 50th birthday party when Joe excused himself to make a work call.  However, the work call was actually another gasp, women….  It was all caught on camera, so he cannot deny it.  He was caught saying to the other women, ” What are you doing right now?” and “Don’t even tell me that.”

Now if it was my man, he would be kicked to the curb ASAP… However, Teresa once again makes excuses for Joe and believes it may be an employee he was talking too.  Can you say gullible??

Teresa claims she sat down with scummy Joe and they talked it out and he has promised to turn over a new leaf, again.  Teresa says if Joe does not change she is leaving him…….  ya right!

Note to Teresa you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, Joe is a douchebag kick him to the curb quick!!