The Amazing Race Season 21 Shocker – Team Takes Money: Theft Or Fair Game Play?

The Amazing Race Season 21 Shocker! Team Commits Fraud

Last night there was a shocking event that disturbed many viewers, were you one of them? Did you watch the episode? If you missed any of it, you can read the full and detailed recap here.

This “shocking event” went down at the travel agency when fan favorites, Rockstar & Lawyer, James & Abba dropped a wad of cash inadvertently and Twins Natalie & Nadiya stole it! Yep, they actually took the money! Trey & Lexi also knew about the theft and get this, they split the money!

After twenty one seasons, this is a race first. Now if it wasn’t done intentionally, taking the money I mean, I would understand there being no consequences. But this definitely was not the case and there should be some sort of rule violation that host Phil Keoghan called them on and there wasn’t. The only thing Phil did was Tweet on how generous the people of Bangladesh were as they were the ones that donated cash to the James & Abba to help them get on with the race after they were forced to beg for it, “Kudos to the generous people of Bangladesh for helping out the rockers. They must be Megadeth fans :)”.

Rob & Kelly came in last and really didn’t deserve to go home when Natalie and Nadiya should have been thrown out of the game or, at the very least, been given some kind of penalty. Lets not forget Trey & Lexi, their first place status and the trip to Australia should be taken away.   Celeb Dirty Laundry has sounded out today, leaving several comments on how inappropriate the theft was.  For the most part CDL readers were shocked that at the very least no time penalties were given.

We know where Natalie stands on the issue, she tweeted the following on her twitter account, “all these whine sacks complaining Natalie & Nadiya stole $ on #AmazingRace are annoying. It’s a tv show! It’s not like robbed a homeless man.”

We believe the lack of consequences for the twins sends the wrong message to viewers, do we want to teach our children that it is OK to steal to win a game? This is very bad for a show that professes to be good for the whole family. How do you think this fraudulent act will make Americans look in a foreign country in that they are permitted to commit a crime and there are no consequences?

Phil and CBS need to step up here and set an example, what do you think?

5 responses to “The Amazing Race Season 21 Shocker – Team Takes Money: Theft Or Fair Game Play?”

  1. BrittG085467 says:

    I was completly expecting them to hi the Matt and atleast get a penalty! I was very disappointed they did not! I haven’t liked the twins from the beginning and have lost respect for trey and Lexi! Some new rule needs to be made

  2. TorgyCanada says:

    Trey Lexie giving into peer pressure is just as bad. Embarrassing series of events from both contestants and producers. Should all be ashamed!

  3. amazing survivor says:


  4. Sooner says:

    I totally agree that the twins and the Texans should have at least had a long penalty or disqualified from being in the rest of the race. I’ve been a fan of TAR for several years, because this show didn’t stoop to lying and manipulating people to win (i.e. Survivor). I am no longer going to watch the show, so they lost a viewer. Perhaps if a lot of people don’t watch, Phil and CBS will get the message!

  5. Sammy says:

    I was taught that taking something that did not belong to me was called stealing. Maybe the rules have changed over the years. On another site a man asked…if someone dropped their car keys and missed it, is it okay for you to claim them and take their car? Suggestion..don’t loose your car keys around the twins. Problem…you can’t eject one team with out doing the same to the other. If both teams are sent home can the race still continue? The legs of the race are in place, so if you loose 2 or 3 teams all at once….how does that play out? I suspect the powers that be are allowing the race to play out for the benefit of the other teams. If any of the 4 poorly raised children come in first they might receive an adult spanking and have to sit on the side lines for a few hours. Ouch!! Also, if they spend any of the stolen money they broke the rules of how much cash they are suppose to have during a leg. In short, if the controlling powers allow this to slide then the name of the game is do what ever you what, we have no honor here. And so what, many other countries already think we are ugly Americans….