The Office Star Ellie Kemper Dishes Life-Changing Advice for Nescafe Memento Cafe Beverages

The Office Star Ellie Kemper Dishes Life-Changing Advice for Nescafe Memento Cafe Beverages

Everyone here at Celeb Dirty Laundry loves catching a whiff of a new product, and is there really anything better than the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee? Nescafe Memento has introduced a new line of gourmet cafe beverages that will have your mouth watering and, as if all the new delicious flavors (caramel latte, mocha, cappuccino) weren’t enough to get you excited, the beverage has instant foaming power! Not too shabby, huh? With the launch of the new Nescafe Memento Facebook page, Ellie Kemper is stepping out of her comedic role on The Office and adding life coach to her resume.

On the new application, Ellie will offer you advice on how to instantly make your professional, personal, and love life drastically better. And, let’s face it, everyone can use a little bit of improvement in their lives.

The app features a series of videos where the celebrity interacts with viewers like you while employing a questionnaire as well as drawing on personal info that’s included in their Facebook profiles. Next, users will receive videos from Ellie offering sometimes awkward, though strangely applicable, advice that can be applied to multiple facets of your life. If you’re a fan of Ellie’s and just can’t get enough of her quirk, humor, and charm, then definitely head on over to the Facebook app and see what news she has for you!

And Ellie isn’t the only celebrity out there who’s finding the new Nescafe Memento beverage enticing. Celebs all over Hollywood are finding these delicious concoctions hard to beat. You’d better get in on all this delicious coffee action ASAP.

Have you tried these new coffees? If so, let us know in the comments section below whether or not you enjoy them; also, don’t be shy to tell us about your Ellie Kemper experience if you try out her new Facebook app!

Disclaimer: Nescafe Memento is not sponsoring this post in anyway, nor are they providing CDL with any form of compensation. CDL had the pleasure of stopping by the Nescafe booths at Blog Her 2012 and, upon the release of the new Facebook app, thought you all should know about Ellie’s fun new endeavor!

Image credit to Facebook/Nescafe