This Time Lindsay Lohan Is Prepared To Ridicule Herself On Glee!

This Time Lindsay Lohan Is Prepared To Ridicule Herself On Glee!

Lindsay Lohan found herself on the set of Glee last Friday looking for revenge.  Lindsay has never gotten over being ridiculed by Gwyneth Paltrow on the show last year.  In what was a nasty move by Gwyneth the fallen starlet was impacted by the episode when she referenced Lohan in the most derogatory manner possible:

Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy, right?” and “How many times has Lindsay Lohan been to rehab.”

That episode caused Lohan’s mother Dina to lash out:

“Lindsay was watching it while in Betty Ford, then she called me and was upset and said, ‘Why did she have to do that? Lindsay is so upset with Gwyneth. We are the first to make fun of ourselves in our family.  And Lindsay has even done ‘SNL’ a few times, but Gwyneth went overboard and it was unnecessary. Lindsay thought she was a friend and it was disappointing. It was really hard for her to watch… it was hurtful, not funny.”

Not that we admire Lohan but we do know that kicking someone in the teeth when they are down and an easy target is disgusting – got that Gwyneth?

Lohan is supposedly working hard to attempt a comeback – then she better stay out of the Smoke and Mirrors nightclub in The Standard Hotel on the Sunset Stripshe keeps getting into fights there!  Lindsay will play a cameo role on Glee’s Nationals episode.  It’s said Lohan is all set to play a “heightened” version of herself, throwing a tantrum when she doesn’t get to sit in a big red chair like they do on The Voice.  She’ll also get to give a lengthy speech where she’ll talk about child performers, how hard they work and how much she supports the arts.

This episode of Glee is set to air on May 16th.  Will you be tuning in to watch?  Do you think Lindsay Lohan has any chance of a successful comeback?  Do you think Gwyneth is a nasty bully?  Tell us what you think!

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