Tom Cruise’s Daughter Isabella Cruise In Danger Living In The Slums

Tom Cruise’s Daughter Isabelle Cruise In Danger Living In The Slums

Isabella Cruise is the daughter of one of the biggest Hollywood stars of all time, Tom Cruise, yet resides in the deadly skid row slum area of downtown Los Angeles.  Isabella is the daughter of Tom and Nicole Kidman and as such could enjoy all of the perks accruing to her multi-millionaire Scientology bigwig dad.  Yet she and her musician boyfriend, Eddie Frencher, are roughing it in a drug and crime-infested slum.

Instead of fancy Hollywood celebs and Scientology stars, Isabel is now surrounded by drug dealers and homeless people.  Tom keeps his own home under a $1 million security system and yet his daughter is totally vulnerable.  Isabella has been driven away to fend for herself by Tom’s crazy Scientology schtick and Nicole’s cold heart.

In Touch Print Edition, April 30 explains:

‘Isabel is now surrounded by homeless people and drug dealers,’ an insider says.

‘She’s a celebrity, but walks around this frightening neighborhood all by herself.’

While Isabella couldn’t be happier to play house with 23-year-old Eddie – even excitedly posting ‘we got our own place now!’ on her Facebook page – Tom can’t be comfortable with his headstrong teen’s hasty move far from her sheltered, high-class upbringing.

‘Tom believes his families vulnerable to potential kidnappers,’ a source reportedly said.

However Isabel’s new building lacks even a doorman to protect her from the shady characters that swarm her street. ‘Tom is sure to be furious,’ the insider said.

While Tom may be devastated by Isabel’s decision, he only has himself to blame. According to another insider, the strict father’s rules may have pushed Isabel to follow your own path.  ‘Tom always micromanaged his children’s lives,’ the friend says of the actor’s brood with his ex-wife – which also includes Connor, 17. However, adds a pal, ‘Isabel has her own ideas about how she wants to live her life.’

Now, Isabel is tasting the freedom she’s always wanted, but at what cost?  ‘She’s putting herself in danger,’ the insider warns. ‘She has truly gone too far’

Another example of an overly controlling parent driving their child away – Isabella Cruise living where other celebs would fear to go even with their security teams.  What do you think?  Is Isabella simply exercising her freedom of choice or is it freedom from the Scientology cult that Isabel craves?  Let us know in the comments below.