Tom Cruise’s Neglect Causes Suri Cruise Tantrums – Katie Holmes Stymied

Tom Cruise’s Neglect Causes Suri Cruise Tantrums – Katie Holmes Stymied

Suri Cruise, the cute little Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ kid, is acting out again! According to a latest National Enquirer report, the 6-year-old threw a mini-tantrum while walking home from school in New York City on the 6th of November. Allegedly, “Suri stuck out her tongue and made faces at her mom!” Insiders blame the missed connection between Suri and her uber-famous dad as the catalyst. According to a famous Manhattan psychologist, Dr. Judy Kuriansky, the behavioral problems that Suri is experiencing are actually not too abnormal. She explained to the Enquirer, “Her once-golden life has been tarnished by the trauma of the divorce and her beloved daddy being out of the picture. She’s had multiple stressors that have put her over the top and unable to cope with the reality that her fairytale world has been torn apart.

Suri’s six tiny years of existence have not been the easiest. Her famous parents underwent a divorce that rocked the headlines of almost every major media outlet, and her life was cut open to the core by so-called insiders, sources, and family friends. The little ex-Scientologist was forced to leave her father’s side and live with her neurotically aligned mom, who not only enrolled Suri into a new school, but also broke the Scientology bonds her daughter’s first memories are based on. Unfortunately, Suri’s father is too busy with brainwashing and acting to take notice of his daughter. The last time the two were spotted out and about was when he took her to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park in early August, almost four months ago. According to another of these insiders, there won’t be a reunion between father and daughter until December of this year, when Cruise’s latest movie, All You Need Is Kill, wraps up principal photography.

However, Suri is not the only one feeling the pinch of longing, because insiders also claim that her father is “heartbroken” from being away from his little girl. “He cries at night because he misses her so much. Both of them are taking the divorce really hard, and it’s tough on Katie because she has to deal with Suri’s public meltdowns. But Suri knows she’s deeply loved by both her mommy and daddy. And she’s bravely facing all the changes brought on by the divorce just like any other normal little girl would.

We’re not the evil villains so many make us out to be; we have a heart, and a big one at that. It’s a sad, sad situation for these two and it’s getting more and more absurd every passing day, right Elton John? If only Tom Cruise weren’t an insane Scientologist who bites the heads off of puppies in the morning, we could have also included him in our upcoming Celeb Dirty Laundry group hug.

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  1. Susan Stassi says:

    what’s happying with suri, well nothing really she is just being a kid. So people don’t make something out of nothing, and tom don’t worry she misses you. susan stassi,

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  3. Tinka says:

    A kid stucking out her tongue and making faces at her mom is news now? Come on… You really don’t need a psychologist here, because newsflash: she’s a little kid.