Topless Kate Middleton Exposed In French Tabloid Scandal (Photo)

Topless Kate Middleton Exposed In French Tabloid Scandal (Photo) 0913

The is she or isn’t she question might be solved tomorrow because Kate Middleton is baring all! Closer magazine will publish pictures of Kate topless tomorrow morning. The Queen is going to lose her sh-t!

It turns out the pics were snapped while Kate and William were on their latest vacation at a chateau owned by the Queen’s nephew in Provence. The royal couple relaxed there before embarking on their Pacific tour. Perhaps they relaxed too much! Kate and William were photoed sunbathing on the balcony and swimming in the pool. Harmless enough, right? The only problem was Kate was not her usual covered up self!

Oh, Prince Harry! I thought you took the party with you! Closer’s headline reads: “The Duchess of Cambridge topless on the terrace!” According to The Mirror, Closer editor Laurence Pieau said, “We have to say that after Closer magazine comes out, Harry is going to feel a lot less alone.” The magazine also adds, “Kate was perfecting her tan. And to avoid streaky tan marks, she took off her bathing suit.”

Any girl would do the same. Poor Kate! She was just catching her stride in this whole royal thing! She and Wills were furious when their honeymoon pics were plastered all over that Australian magazine and she was practically Victorian as she walked the beach in her bikini at the time.  And she can’t hide away in Balmoral like Harry! She’s got 6 more days of royal engagements to sit through! She’s got to be so weirded out! She was practically a giant in Singapore. Everybody she talked to only came up to her chest. Now for the rest of the time she’s going to be wondering what everyone’s staring at!

But Kate Middleton’s boobs aren’t alone. Princess Diana was also papped topless, along with Jackie Kennedy Onassis. They survived. Unfortunately, Diana actually likened the experience to rape. But seriously Cambridges! You should know better! You can’t go around sunbathing with your nips hanging out – especially when you’re one half of the most famous couple in the world!

Well, be calm and carry on! There’s nothing Kate can do about it. She’ll naturally be embarrassed but if she has nice t-ts then she can still look people in the eye. Hopefully the pics put those crazy baby rumors to bed.

I thought I’d see Pippa Middleton’s rack before Kate’s. Little sister’s got to be secretly breathing a sigh of relief! And on the bright side, no one is going to be looking at Kate Middleton’s baby bump tomorrow.

How shocked are you by the news? Sure we all feel sorry for her, but how silly are the Cambridges for thinking they had that kind of privacy? Shouldn’t they have learned their lesson from the honeymoon photo leak?

Kate Middleton is Caught by the Paparazzi Sunbathing Topless!

Photo Credit: Closer magazine