Meet Al Sharpton’s Girlfriend, Aisha McShaw – Does His Wife, Kathy Lee Jordon, Know?

Does Rev. Al Sharpton's Wife, Kathy Lee Jordon, Know About His Girlfriend, Aisha McShaw?

58-year old Al Sharpton is an extremely outspoken Baptist minister who can usually be found over on MSNBC spouting off his political views on all of the latest news and scandal surrounding the running of the country, but this week he is getting noticed for his personal life. Al has been married to Kathy Lee Jordan for 33 years and in spite of the couple filing for a separation way back in 2004, they’ve still never divorced.

According to the Aug. 5th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Al has been dating 35-year old Aisha McShaw at least since late last year. She describes herself as a personal stylist and also as Al’s main squeeze but Aisha has found herself silenced after making her affiliation with Al known. The dalliance is certainly true as Aisha has accompanied Al to several black tie affairs and certainly isn’t hidden away.

When asked about his dating Rachel Noerdlinger, Al’s aide, says his position is simply that his marriage ended 10 years ago and he has the right to date. I guess the big question is why Al and Kathy Lee have never divorced in spite of moving on to date others. Perhaps it’s a religious thing and Al is against the notion of divorce.  A legal separation is as close as he’s willing to get and then he and Kathy Lee made an agreement on what exists between them. Otherwise I think they’d have divorced years ago, don’t you?

What about Aisha? She surely is arm candy but do you think she is more than that to Al? Supposedly he has found some sort of love with her. Do you think Kathy Lee is okay with seeing her current husband out and about with his much younger girlfriend? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Does Rev. Al Sharpton's Wife, Kathy Lee Jordon, Know About His Girlfriend, Aisha McShaw?

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