Will All My Children and One Life to Live Be Cancelled: Fans Rally

All My Children and One Life to Live Cancelled: Fans Rally

It was only a few short months ago that fans of All My Children and One Life to Live got the thrilling news that they had prayed for – Prospect Park was going to revive their beloved shows. Both AMC and OLTL wrapped up their decades-long runs on ABC back in 2011 and fans of both shows petitioned and rallied hard to bring their favorite characters back to life. Prospect Park looked at the numbers and took the gamble on an internet reboot of both shows and they new episodes began airing last April. Within two weeks they were cut from 4 to only 2 new episodes a week and it was obviously going to be an uphill battle.

The ratings were never what Prospect Park had hoped for and in September it was announced that they were stopping production on OLTL because of a lawsuit pending with ABC. The deal originally brokered meant that Prospect Park could borrow characters that were old fan favorites for the rebooted shows but ABC could still use them in guest stints on General Hospital. A few of these soap crossovers resulted in ABC randomly killing off characters without giving Prospect Park a heads up. That resulted in Prospect Park suing the network and deciding to shelve one show until the legal issue is resolved.

Now according to the Nov. 11th print edition of GLOBE magazine All My Children is also no longer on the shooting schedule. The bottom line is budget. While reviving the shows sounded great on paper the reality is that the fans just aren’t tuning in enough to justify the cost of production. AMC already has canceled two dates to begin production on another season and those close to the show concede that no one believes that it or OLTL will ever really return. Are you a fan of either show? Did you watch the rebooted version of either show? Did you think that it had a chance of staying on the air thanks to Prospect Park? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  2. MakeHerUp says:

    Never got into that one.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I can’t believe it was still on!

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  5. Jewell Margolis says:

    I’m not going to even read this crap.. Two actors from AMC have said they show will be back.. OLTL is on hold until the lawsuit. We just need to be patient.

  6. bridget says:

    The oltl reboot was crap abc shoulda never let it go just couldnt go with the story line with prospect park at the reins prospect park killed the show

  7. Shelly King says:

    I watched both shows and I want my shows back!!!

  8. marjiej says:

    I think Prospect Park mislead the fans by promising something then only barely delivering it. This is a ripoff especially since because of them Jon Mcbain, Todd Manning and Starr Manning will never be seen again. I am so upset about both shows being cancelled. I wish someone would take them off of prospect parks hands and bring them back to tv where they belong and get the financing they need to keep them on the air.

  9. Jackie Cardinal Lamont Chipman says:

    I watched both shows on the Internet and enjoyed them just as I did when they were on network television!! I truly hope they return!!

  10. Beverly Shichtman says:

    I watched OLTL on the internet until OWN began running reruns. Then I got interested in both shows al over again. I watched both until they ended. Why can’t PP contract with OWN to show new shows? I can’t imagine Oprah found that she didn’t have the viewers she expected. They were great and should be kept going.

  11. Mary Carpenter says:

    I have watched both shows since the early 1970. They are more than just shows they are family……We have even named our children after them. Please don’t take our families away!!!!!!

  12. Christine Sauer Zielinski says:

    I watched AMC. I loved it! I am a third generation watcher and felt connected to my deceased mother while watching it. I know she’s watching from heaven. Please don’t cancel it!

  13. Dawnia Lumadue Parisek says:

    I totally agree with you on this. I have never watched The Chew…I just want my Soaps back

  14. Angie Luci Daniels says:

    They should have done it as a weekly serial like a prime time show. I truly enjoyed the reboots and would watch it in whatever format.

  15. Wendy Ann Gagliardi says:

    I have been a fan of both shows for many years and watched it online as well. One of the smartest ideas was running them on OWN daily as so many of us are used to. ABC must see by now that no soap fans are satisfied with garbage food shows with made up celebs. If we wanted food shows we would watch the food network, duh..I hope the fans rally again to say WE WANT OUR ALL MY CHILDREN AND ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!! Why would they continue to make show after show that is cancelled after one season (666 Park Ave., Pan Am, etc..) when the loyal existing fan base is waiting for our shows?

  16. Dawn Pratt says:

    I watched both and even signed up for Hulu Plus to help. If they don’t come back my membership to Hulu will be canceled. No need for it if those shows aren’t on it. Ugh, really hate all the lawsuits, they have drained the funding for it.

  17. Michele Swartwood Kaye says:

    I have been a fan of both shows but my <3 belongs with OLTL. Started watching them on hulu then got a roku box to watch the shows on my TV. Great mother's day gift it was. Then I paid for hulu plus. Its great to have Cuz if I miss any new prime time shows I just watch them the next day,esp when 2 shows are on same time. BUT I really need OLTL back…pp & ABC need to kiss & make up,if that's even possible. They need to start thinking about the FANS….

  18. Lori Wheeler says:

    I watched AMC online through iTunes so paid to watch it, which I’m totally fine with as they have to help pay for actors, crew etc wages. I hope it comes back on even though it wasn’t quite the same (or as good) as the tv version!

  19. lucy says:

    I watched both, thought they were great! I hope they come back!

  20. Diane Punky Dory DeGroat says:

    I watched both shows….been a fan since I can remember don’t do this to us again

  21. valerie burroughs says:

    Bring back both shows. I have watched them since day one on ABC and Hulu….. I cant believe they are cancelled twice. F*^K ABC for cancelling them in the first place and I pray Prospect Park can bring them back !!! Im in to boycott whoever or write to whomever I need to to bring these shows back!!

  22. Darla Simcox Decker says:

    I knew AMC wouldn’t be back either. I had no doubt after OLTL was cancelled..THis makes me very sad.

  23. Chey Tuvell says:

    I watched OLTL since I was a kid and was bummed when it got cancelled. I was excited about the internet revival but when they started cutting back episodes I knew the show was doomed. I started voicing this opinion in a nicer way and everyone was in denial, telling me “just be glad the shows are back, maybe they are only recording so many shows per week so the actors can still work on other projects” and things like that. I enjoyed it while it lasted but I knew it was going to come to an end. :(

  24. Anne H. Black says:

    And the Globe is a gossip magazine, when you have something based on fact check back in!

  25. Avid Walker says:

    Its too hard to watch AMC on the internet. Have too watch commercials too. When i taped it off tv, I was able to forward through them. All, while watching the tv, I could multitask. Not w/internet. I could pause w/tv but pausing w/ internet sometimes causes the show to error out. Please put back on tv. The tv is also a bonding experience. Why not on the SOAP channel.

  26. Paula Cooper-Kelley says:

    I agree please bring back our soaps and take the chew off . I have not watched the first airing of chew and will never watch the chew

  27. Becky Maples says:

    with ya on this one, Bring back our shows

  28. Becky Maples says:

    I watched both shows for years it really disappointed me that they took them off the air for stupid food shows, if we want to watch food shows we’ll go to the food channel, I have never watched the Chew and never will, bring back our Soaps

  29. Darren Williams says:

    I never subscribed to watch them online, because I had a feeling something like this would happen.I didn’t want to get attached to the shows again only to have them taken offline. I and a lot more fans what probably pay to watch them online, if we were sure they will be around for a while. I grew up watching these shows, and would love to get into watching them again, but I will not get my hopes up and watch them online only to have them pull the shows from us a second time.

  30. Jessica Barry says:

    I agree. Get rid of The Chew & bring back our soaps! I along with millions of others will be really disappointed if they are cancelled for good.

  31. Rachel Cole says:

    REALLY???? You guys just don’t QUIT with the lies! Your “source” has come out and officially said this is absolutely NOT TRUE. Jeff Rodack said NO SUCH THING! Come on people……..Whoever is pushing this drivel makes TMZ look like CNN! I don’t know why the author of this nonsense has such a hate on for soaps……but please ignore the blatant lies. Stars of the shows have all tweeted in the last week that while they haven’t received dates yet…….the show WILL go on! So until you hear from someone ACTUALLY in the loop……don’t believe third rate hacks like this!

  32. Bmtsbrandon says:

    They left it on a cliff hanger again but not as bad as last time

  33. Michael Siscoe says:

    Not an excuse, Personal experience and Facebook posts of former fans of the show.

  34. […] Soap fans rallied hard to bring back both AMC and OLTL after ABC canceled them both back in 2011. Prospect Park was the best bet and managed to revive both through their Online Network and Hulu for a few months. The fan investment never equaled what network television garnered and so both shows were in trouble from the start. ABC was also allowed to borrow characters from both shows but upon doing so began killing them off! As OLTL writers’ were penning story lines those same characters were killed off in a crossover scene on General Hospital. This caused a huge lawsuit that has yet to be settled. […]

  35. […] have run rampant that Prospect Park would kill both shows and we had heard an official announcement was scheduled for yesterday. According to a source at […]

  36. okiecarol says:

    I agree with you 100 %

  37. okiecarol says:

    I hope ABC is loosing $$$$$

  38. StopTheTortureKeepTheSoaps says:

    OMG! NOOOOOO!!! Why don’t you put them back on daytime, where they should be. I watched thrm daily for years!!!! Why not just boycott ABC? Instead?

  39. cathy Brantley says:

    Im a long time fan if both shows. Watched the first season on Hulu. Now your saying no second season that really Sucks !!!