Amanda Zuckerman Asks You To Help Britney Haynes’ Cancer Striken Daughter Tilly – Kind Gesture

Amanda Zuckerman Asks You To Help Brityney Haynes Cancer Striken Daughter Tilly - Kind Gesture

Amanda Zuckerman from Big Brother 15 has been getting a lot of backlash because of some of the things she said in the house, but what some people don’t realize, is that that was just for TV and it’s not who Amanda really is.

Amanda Zuckerman is in fact a loving daughter and a good friend; she is passionate about the things she doesn’t like and even more passionate about things she cares about.

One example of Amanda’s strong passionate side was when she “Big Brother” married McCrae Olson in the Big Brother house to show him just how much she loved him.

Amanda’s passion doesn’t stop there, she is presently an advocate for one of Big Brother’s former houseguests, Britney Haynes, whose infant daughter was diagnosed with cancer. The former reality star shared her heartbreaking news about her 2-month old daughter Tilly and Amanda took to her Twitter account to appeal to her 64,000 followers to support the Godwin family who are absolutely devastated with their daughter’s diagnoses,”Let’s focus on someone who needs our help.”

Brittany holds a special place in Amanda’s heart as she was inspired by her game play which ultimately led to Amanda’s applying for Big Brother in the first place.

What’s next for Amanda? She is heading back home to Florida with McCrae to spend time with her family. Can we expect an engagement announcement soon?