Amanda Zuckerman Disqualified From Big Brother 15 For Death Threat, Racial Slurs, and Bullying – Petition

Amanda Zuckerman Disqualified From Big Brother 15 For Death Threat, Racial Slurs, and Bullying - Petition

Big Brother 15’s Amanda Zuckerman is rapidly becoming the most hated houseguest in Big Brother history. What makes the situation even more galling is that CDL has learned that Amanda is slated to win the competition and producers are rigging the show to see that she does.  Allegedly, Amanda has a prior relationship with producer Allison Grodner and will emerge victorious.

But now we learn that back in the real world Amanda has been fired from her job after being caught using a controlled substance (Adderall), issuing death threats and using racial slurs.

Amanda threatened to kill Elissa in her sleep at one point. Is that not enough to throw her out of the house? Poor Elissa has been locked up in her HoH room all day for fear of another attack by Amanda.

The racism, anti-gay comments and bullying were not enough for CBS or Big Brother production to step in and throw out Amanda, so fans of the show have stepped in and have various petitions in the hopes of getting Amanda out of the Big Brother house so the reign of terror can end. You can check out one of the petitions here.

One thing that did happen though is that Amanda was fired from her job as a realtor even though she worked for her mother! According to the state license bureau, she was employed by Prudential Florida (Watermark Realty Inc). Her website was taken down and her presence removed from the Prudential Florida website as well. Amanda was listed as “active” by the state licensing board up till recently, but now she is “inactive”. There is no way that Amanda could have changed her status being that she is in the house, the only way for that to happen was for Watermark Realty Inc to advise the state that they no longer have a business relationship.

Aside from all the verbal abuse and the death threat that Amanda has made, she also asked Aaryn to share her prescription medication, Aderall, with her and she did!

It’s comforting to see that at least people outside the Big Brother house have no tolerance for the bullying and racial slurs, but how can we tell our children that bullying is not acceptable when adults on a reality show are allowed to be bullied and televised through live feeds. And what’s the most disgusting thing of all – the show earns a huge profit from it’s live feeds!  Will CBS and Big Brother have the brains and the balls to throw this disgusting human being off the show?

8 responses to “Amanda Zuckerman Disqualified From Big Brother 15 For Death Threat, Racial Slurs, and Bullying – Petition”

  1. […] Today, the FBI was called in to investigate Amanda’s family getting death threats. This was publicized by Miss Cleo as you can see in the tweet below. It is unbelievable that people would attack her family, yet just as unbelievable as some of the hateful and hurtful things that she says to the other house guests, both are wrong. Amanda even just recently threatened to kill Elissa in her sleep! […]

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  3. Stephanie says:

    But how will she be evicted? or tossed out

  4. devis says:

    lets go amanda win it all

  5. Peter Parker says:

    With all of the shit going on in the world THIS is what you focus on? Jesus, first Aaryn now Amanda, how about you change the channel if you don’t like what is going on. There has been so much worse shit on Big Brother in past seasons. Here’s a hint: If you don’t like it, don’t f’ing watch it!

  6. ??????? ??????? says:

    How can you be fired from your job for taking medivcation that you are perescribed by a doctor?

  7. […] of Elissa, but she has now asked Aaryn to slap and punch her. It is shocking at how much abuse Big Brother production and CBS are allowing. Amanda has already verbally abused Elissa and threatened to kill her, are they waiting for her to […]

  8. LoLo says:

    Who would let their child watch this show or the live feeds? Not a responsible parent. My son didn’t start watching this until he was 16. He’s disgusted by the behavior this season & if parents are watching it w/ their kids I’m hoping it is causing conversations & teaching a lesson through it.