Amanda Zuckerman Evicted From Big Brother 15: Learn The Real Reason That CBS Made Her Leave!

Amanda Zuckerman Evicted From Big Brother 15: Learn The Real Reason That CBS Made Her Leave!

Many of you may be wondering why Amanda Zuckerman got evicted from Big Brother 15 Thursday given all the gossip that the show was rigged for her to win. Well, I can give you about 6 million reasons why, ratings!

Tens of thousands of fans of Big Brother have been petitioning to get Amanda Zuckerman out of the house and CBS truly reached an all time low airing week after week, Amanda’s bullying behavior. The only way for CBS to achieve redemption, was  get rid of her.

I’m not sure if CBS knew how ugly Amanda’s reign of terror in the Big Brother house was going to get and it appears that when they realized they were in way over their heads, there was only one thing to do have her quietly leave like it was all just a bad dream.

Did you notice that last week when Aaryn was evicted, Julie jumped at the chance to confront her about the racial and homopobic slurs? Yet, tonight, when we have the “real” racist in the hot seat, Julie asks if being a “bully” is the real Amanda, to which Amanda replies “I’m definitely not a bully, I just told people the truth”. Are you kidding me? That’s it! Why the preferential treatment?

I’ll tell you why – it’s because Amanda and McCrae are going to The Amazing Race on CBS!  So of course Julie was told to go easy on Amanda.  CBS can’t very well have Amanda excoriated on live TV by Julie and then hire her to appear on another one of their big reality shows, can they?  Note that Amanda told Julie that McCrae is moving to Florida to live with her after the show concludes – setting up a convenient segue for the couple to appear on The Amazing Race.  You’ve seen this type of couple before on reality shows, right?  The overbearing bitchy wife and the meek laid-back husband.  Perfect!