American Idol Season 12 Episode 1 Review and Insider Report

American Idol Season 12 Episode 1 Review and Insider Report

American Idol’s season 12 premiered last night to great ratings and critique. The first audition episode was filled with your usual cray-cray, your usual wannabe’s, and your usual humble, brilliance. Celeb Dirty Laundry took a look at the standouts to bring you a premiere blockbuster of our favorites!

How Celeb Dirty Laundry’s Coverage Will Work: This season of American Idol looks to be a winner. The chemistry between the judges, the rolling eyes of Nicki Minaj, and the interesting contestants will make for a great season. Seeing that this is our premiere post for American Idol’s new season, and seeing that the season has been revamped to fit with a new generation of Idol lovers, we’re also going to do things a bit differently. Instead of bringing you audition reviews each week; we’re going to predict the staying power of our favorite contestants.

We are also, in true CDL fashion, going to bring you a scientific and entertaining breakdown of each contestant’s role on the show. We will be brutally honest with our reviews and will, in all probability, step on a few toes, but this is the entertainment industry and without critique, it is merely just another “wannabe” industry. We are already able to see the specific roles each of the contestants will play i.e. Christina Isabelle, one of the best auditions so far, will take on the role of “hero” if she makes it through to Hollywood Round.

It is absolutely impossible to rate certain contestants on their auditions alone, so we are planning to exclude them from the list and bring them in later on in the competition. As with all reality television shows, certain contestants get more exposure and more airtime, and while we’ll mostly focus on them, we’ll also focus on the unorthodox and obscure contestants that do not receive the same amount of “hype”.

Each audition episode, we’ll be bringing you Celeb Dirty Laundry’s top 5 favorite contestants. If you think we made a mistake and you want to add another contestant to the mix, let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to focus on this contestant in the future. It is the biggest reality television show in the world – even eclipsing shows like The Voice and X-Factor USA, so Celeb Dirty Laundry will hold your hand throughout the gamut of the competition and bring you all the news, reviews, recaps and spoilers you need in order to make decisions about who you will be voting for during the final rounds of the competition.

Here’s a breakdown of our favorite contestants and how many panel votes their received:

Teena Torres – Panel Votes: 4 – How Far Will She Make It? If Teena is able to deliver stunning performances, week after week, she might make it into the finals. Her voice is eloquent and exquisite.

Christina Isabelle – Panel Votes: 4 – How Far Will She Make It? Christina’s voice is a tad bit theatrical, but extremely controlled. If she’s able to survive Hollywood Round, this girl might survive for a while. We doubt she’ll survive until the finals though.

Sheira Gavrilov  – Panel Votes: 4 – How Far Will She Make It? Sheira’s voice is absolutely excellent, but she will HAVE to focus on her diction and phrasing in order to make it further in this competition.

Sarah Restuccio – Panel Votes: 4 – How Far Will She Make It? Sarah’s voice can become very boring, very quickly. If she loses the emotional disconnection and spruces up her performances a bit, she might stay long enough to become a really, really great contestant.

Angela Miller – Panel Votes: 4 – How Far Will She Make It? Angela is going to slay this competition. She’s beautiful, she has the voice, she has the personality, and she has the Idol-factor. If she is able to stay in touch with the public at large, able to get enough airtime, and able to get excellent critique, we might be looking at a top 20 semi-finalist.

It’s sure to be a heated race, so bookmark Celeb Dirty Laundry now for your number one stop on all things American Idol. We tune in so you don’t have to tune out!


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