America’s Got Talent Contestant Jonathan Allen Gives Heartwrenching, Sincere Performance (VIDEO)

America's Got Talent Contestant Jonathan Allen Gives Heartwrenching, Sincere Performance (VIDEO)

America’s Got Talent is a show for the talented and the talentless. These two elements combine to form one of the most addictive reality television formulas. Each year, the usual suspects go through the motions, and the red “X” terror, as they sing and dance and joke their way into the finals. Once in a while, about twice per season, a contestant takes to the stage with an unparalleled emotional pathos. Jonathan Allen is such an example.

On his 18th birthday, Allen was forced to say goodbye to his parents and his home because of being gay. This theme of abandonment and rejection was further accentuated when Allen took to the stage and performed a brilliant rendition of “Time To Say Goodbye.” His performance was endearing and humble and imperfect.

The hairline cracks in his voice and appearance made it one of the most powerful scenes in America’s Got Talent history. His narrative didn’t suffer from the usual editing and pre-season hype, nor did he fall into the stereotypical archetype created by most reality television shows.

Needless to say, he was met with a standing ovation, deafening applause, and absolute acceptance.

We stop hiding it in attics and family photographs. We appreciate its fragility and imperfection. We hold it in our breaths and whisper it to those we love. We keep it. We take it. We smile. We live. I am gay.

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  • Annemarie

    I loved his performance last night, he was the best of the evening…

  • Robyn

    He was amazing, truly the best of the evening…..

  • Chris

    He was very good.